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bluWave Strengthens Balance Sheet with Purchase of HQ; CEO Slams MetroAir’s Overseas Expansion Plans

Las Vegas, NV — Reporters and media outlets erupted in firestorm Tuesday when bluWave Airlines CEO Connor Levens lashed into MetroAir Virtual’s recent decision to increase capacity on their Beijing-Ontario, CA and Beijing-Baltimore routes with the seven-year-old airline’s purchase of four (4) Airbus A380s. This occurred during a press conference in Henderson, NV in relation to bluWave’s newly announced acquisition of their current headquarters from Regus PLC along Horizon Ridge Parkway.

What sparked the discussion was a question a reporter asked the bluWave Airlines management team about what they thought about their competitor’s plans to utilize the jumbo jet on a route “so empty” while promising a shocking “average 98.6% load factor” on both flights. Levens, who seemed eager to answer the reporter’s question, replied without delay.

“I cannot see why any airline would want to launch service to Beijing out of two airports which are not, by any means, ‘primary international hubs’ for passengers,” Levens exclaimed. He continued to state that MetroAir, which has been operating out of Baltimore and Ontario, CA for the better part of five (5) years, has been operating international service out of these two hubs which are low in volume and that they cannot attain the crowds needed to sustain service between them and Beijing.

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