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Atlantic International Virtual Announces AIV 3.0

Chicago, IL,Atlantic International Virtual Airlines (AIV) announced today AIV3.0, their upgraded web site with a new company logo and much more. AIV senior management has been working behind the scenes to come up with a refreshing look, as they recently re-branded the airline. AIV3.0 is scheduled to be release to the public in June 2012 with a much power punch to the flight simulation community. Also, with AIV3.0, AIV will be changing their Corporate Headquarters and Home Airport to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (KORD). Back in April 2012, AIV announced 2 new additions to their fleet, which it will be the Boeing 777-200LR and Bombardier Q-400. We will be position these new aircraft’s to their new Domiciles within the new few weeks before we launch AIV3.0, said Corey Durham, Vice President of Flight Operations. AIV re-brand also allowed the airline to do a major makeover not only our web site and logo, but a new paint scheme, which it has painted all of their B777?s and Q400?s. Their will continue to paint the remaining fleet and should be completed by end of 2012. We have worked countless hours during the past year on planning and developing our re-launch to the flight simulation community, said Nathan Cox, Vice President of Domicile Operations of Atlantic International Virtual Airlines.

Project AIV3.0

Project AIV3.0, Atlantic International Virtual customized and advanced system, will offer its members the most updated technology and enhanced award and recognition system. We are really proud of our developers, they have done an outstanding job upgrading Project AIV 3.0, said Andrew Horn, Vice President of Corporate Operations of Atlantic International Virtual Airlines. New members can go to our web site at and fill out our membership application, we ask our members to give us up to 48 hours to process their application. Members can email our Member Relations Department at, if they have any questions regarding their pending application, said Horn. Please see a list of new additions to AIV3.0:

  • New Logo
  • New Paint Scheme
  • New web site Design included integrated forum and blog
  • Charter Operations
  • 2 additions to the fleet (B777/Q400)
  • 1 addition to our domicile operations (KORD)

We appreciate the community for their outstanding support during our recently re-launch back in March of 2012, we ran through some loops, but we are on the right track. We have received so many feedback’s and we think the community will continue to enjoy our initial product. We will continue to invest and develop Project AIV to many stages; we are looking forward for our supporters to grow with us at AIV. We are excited about our 3.0 and I think our supporters will feel the same, said Taylor Olson, Vice President of System Operations. I truly appreciate my entire staff team support during our re-brand phase, I couldn’t have done it without them, said Robert Sayles, AIV CEO. It’s being a long road, but now we can see the blue skies, it’s going to be rewarding, said Sayles.

Hiring New Staff

AIV are looking for dedicated and committed volunteer staff members to help run their growing virtual Airline. Because of the recently addition to AIV Domicile Operations (KORD), they are looking for Hub Managements staff members to help oversee KORD and few other key leadership roles within the airline. For the most updated Career opportunities, please visit our Career Center at If you have any questions regarding staff openings, please email our HR department at

Atlantic International Virtual Airlines Background and History

Atlantic International Virtual (AIV) will be for simulation pilots, an environment in which the individuals can experience, learn, and have fun while conducting basic and advanced piloting skills using Microsoft flight simulation software. Atlantic International Virtual (AIV) is a virtual airline based on the concept of the real world airlines operations. AIV consist of real world airline employees and aviation enthusiasm looking to give flight simulation enthusiasts a taste of real world airline operations.


Atlantic International Virtual Airlines. Corporate Communications HQCOM

Call-sign: Atlantic Star


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