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Announcing Universal Airlines – Where Your Hours are Accepted.

Universal (virtual) Airlines announces the opening of their worldwide services for domestic, international, freight and executive opportunities. Why Universal? Universal permits and encourages a pilot with previous flight experience to sign up and in a short time, continue their virtual career without the loss of a single verifiable hour. Time and again we see people looking for an airline that gives credit for previous hours, the same way the FAA allows you to work for any airline and maintain the flight hours you carry with you. Universal was created with the same idea. No hours? No problem, we start you from ground zero.

During the year, Universal will support events such as the summer Olympics in London, opportunities to the South Pacific and tours around the various countries that will permit the pilot to enhance his flight time and experience plus receive benefits while participating in these events. With a choice of flights throughout the word, we also sport a fleet of over 35 aircraft and our aircraft are certified for both FS9 & FSX users.

So if you find yourself with a substantial number of hours and are risking the loss of any or all of those hours because they are not accepted for transfer, then we ask you to have a look at what we have to offer. Here is a question to consider: “What have you got to lose by simply looking around the site”?

Check out Universal Airlines online @


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