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Announcing GoGreen Airways!

GoGreen Airways would like to announce their grand opening!

GoGreen Airways is a brand new low-cost virtual airline based at London Luton Airport, UK.  Operating a fleet of 6 A320’s initially to over 16 destinations. We plan to realistically expand and introduce more for our crews.  Plans are already in place to expand fleet and our route network, including taking delivery of our brand new A320NEO’s in December 2015.  GoGreen Airways positively reduces Carbon emissions as much as possible from paperless check-in to more economical aircraft.

We are also looking to recruit for the role of Chief Personnel Officer.  You can lead your own team dealing with tasks such as pilot recruitment, finances and rewards.

Come fly with us over at:



Wayfare Virtual Airlines Grand Opening

WayFair Airlines Logo

Raleigh, North Carolina – Wayfare Virtual Airlines celebrated its Grand Opening with the push-back of flight 1019 to Knoxville, TN Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM EST.

The start of operations comes on the heels of an anticipated increase in the demand for Essential Air Service, nationwide. This demand is the cornerstone of the airlines operating initiatives by providing affordable air travel to targeted communities within the national airspace system. The wholly owned, Part 121 regional carrier offers a range of destination options throughout the eastern and central portions of the United States. Specializing in short to medium range air travel, Wayfare operates a fleet of efficient and comfortable turboprop aircraft.


Brandon Reeves, Warfare’s Chief Operating Officer said in a recent interview:

“Our fleet of Dash-8 aircraft is both reliable and rugged, with the capability of flying into virtually any airfield. Seating from 37 to 74 passengers offers more options when it comes to regional flying.

Raleigh-Durham and Oklahoma City are very important Crew Bases for the airline. Under-served cities with growing populations and plenty of space to grow will allow Wayfare to expand with increasing flexibility. Straying away from the congested hubs like Dallas/Ft. Worth or Atlanta will Continue reading



CHICAGO, Mar. 24, 2013 –Virtual United (vUAL) is pleased to announce the official launch of our customized virtual airline name Virtual United Airlines (vUAL) at As we have recently received permission from United Airlines along with a legal agreement to proceed with the development of vUAL1.0. Virtual United Airlines commenced operations on Sunday, March 24, 2013. “It’s been a fun ride during our development stages,” said Robert Sayles, Chief Executive Officer.  ”I am so proud of every staff member at Virtual United,” said Sayles. Each virtual pilot will be able to enjoy the United global schedule that connects to our ten virtual Hubs. vUAL will offers its members the most innovative technologies and an enhanced award and recognition system. Each applicant will be required to pass a basic aviation exam prior to admittance to Virtual United Airlines.

vUAL Features and Services:

Customized ACARS Client
Award and Recognition Program (Pilot of the Month, Hub of the Month and much more)
Forum Community (IPS Board)
Professional and State of the Art Website
Professional and Friendly Staff Members
TeamSpeak Server to communicate with members
More additions to come (points system, pilot shop and much more)

Virtual United Airlines has created several departments which consist of Continue reading


Announcing Universal Airlines – Where Your Hours are Accepted.

Universal (virtual) Airlines announces the opening of their worldwide services for domestic, international, freight and executive opportunities. Why Universal? Universal permits and encourages a pilot with previous flight experience to sign up and in a short time, continue their virtual career without the loss of a single verifiable hour. Time and again we see people looking for an airline that gives credit for previous hours, the same way the FAA allows you to work for any airline and maintain the flight hours you carry with you. Universal was created with the same idea. No hours? No problem, we start you from ground zero.

During the year, Universal will support events such as the summer Olympics in London, opportunities to the South Pacific and tours around the various countries that will permit the pilot to enhance his flight time and experience plus receive benefits while participating in these events. With a choice of flights throughout the word, we also sport a fleet of over 35 aircraft and our aircraft are certified for both FS9 & FSX users.

So if you find yourself with a substantial number of hours and are risking the loss of any or all of those hours because they are not accepted for transfer, then we ask you to have a look at what we have to offer. Here is a question to consider: “What have you got to lose by simply looking around the site”?

Check out Universal Airlines online @


Delta Virtual Airlines Announces Grand Opening

Delta Virtual Airlines is a world class Virtual airline that hopes to soar with the top VA’s in the industry. We offer a unique custom built PHP web site that was designed exclusively to suit our needs. Our web site is designed for ease of use, while having astonishing visuals to enhance the users’ experience.

We offer pilots the chance to use our custom built ACARS program, Skytracker, to file their reports. Our exclusive ACARS program includes flight bidding, dispatch, fuel loading, weather planning, flight planning, live chat, and a live map.

Delta Virtual Airlines was created for fun, professionalism, and realism, all at the same time. We take pride in our work and we’re there to help our pilots with anything they require. We understand that pilots are the biggest part of a VA, and that treating them fairly and with respect is absolutely necessary.

We invite pilots of every experience level to join Delta Virtual Airlines. We offer programs and service that have never been seen in the VA industry, and we invite you to take part in that.

If you have any questions you may email me at

Ryan Hoffman – CEO


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