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CHICAGO, Mar. 24, 2013 –Virtual United (vUAL) is pleased to announce the official launch of our customized virtual airline name Virtual United Airlines (vUAL) at As we have recently received permission from United Airlines along with a legal agreement to proceed with the development of vUAL1.0. Virtual United Airlines commenced operations on Sunday, March 24, 2013. “It’s been a fun ride during our development stages,” said Robert Sayles, Chief Executive Officer.  ”I am so proud of every staff member at Virtual United,” said Sayles. Each virtual pilot will be able to enjoy the United global schedule that connects to our ten virtual Hubs. vUAL will offers its members the most innovative technologies and an enhanced award and recognition system. Each applicant will be required to pass a basic aviation exam prior to admittance to Virtual United Airlines.

vUAL Features and Services:

Customized ACARS Client
Award and Recognition Program (Pilot of the Month, Hub of the Month and much more)
Forum Community (IPS Board)
Professional and State of the Art Website
Professional and Friendly Staff Members
TeamSpeak Server to communicate with members
More additions to come (points system, pilot shop and much more)

Virtual United Airlines has created several departments which consist of the following: Executive, Corporate Operations (Legal, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Community Relations/Events,  Marketing and Member Relations), and Flight Operations (Hub Management, Training, Flight Standards, Routes/Schedules and Fleet Operations).

Though we are still in the progress of hiring some operations staff, we are pleased to announce that some of our current staff and Board Members are real world airline employees. We will continue to search for and bring on committed professional staff members, both airline employees and flight simulation enthusiasts alike. If you are interested in a staff position please visit our Staff Application Center at to find out which positions are still open. The only requirement is a love for aviation and a willingness to help others.

vUAL Background and History

Virtual United Airlines (vUAL) will provide the flight simulation community with some of the most advanced simulation technology. While utilizing both Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, those at vUAL will take advantage of our customized automation system. Our new customized system provides its users complete aircraft, and pilot statistics, a flight and schedule search, complete fleet management, pilot registration and profiles, and an advanced live ACARS integration. VUAL1.0 allows for us to have complete and realistic operation of the virtual airline.


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