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Caal Airways Celebrates 1st Birthday with VATSIM Event

To mark the 1st birthday of Caal Airways we will fly from Gatwick-Glasgow-Aldergrove on Vatsim.The schedules that need to be used are NIR1001 and NIR1011. Pilots that do not fly online can also join in using our teamspeak server. The event will take place on the 17/08/12 starting at 1800 local Uk Time. I would encourage as many pilots to attend to celebrate our first year of operations. If enough interest is shown I will be able to request full ATC for us. Please sign up for the event in the Events Section under the Resources Tab and book your slot. Hope to see you all there and maybe bring a friend also. This event will also be advertised on Vatsim and Vroute. Any aircraft may be used. Lets hear the CLOVER callsign echo around the network. Anyone is welcome to help us celebrate even if you don’t belong to Caal Airways.

Alan Cooke


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