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woh|group is Offering Four Embraer 170 for Sale or Longterm Lease

The woh|group is offering four Embraer 170 for sale or long-term lease. The four aircraft has been built in 2004 and has been operated since then by different member airlines of the woh|group. Currently the aircraft are flying for our subsidiary Arabian Sun where they soon will be replaced by bigger aircraft . As we are also simulating the economic background of our virtual airline we would like to offer these aircraft to other virtual airlines either for sale or a long-term lease (minimum 3 years). The aircraft are equipped with 6 business class and 64 economy class seats and are based in Abu Dhabi (OMAA). If you are interested and/or looking for a new short haul fleet, please contact us by email (


3 Responses to woh|group is Offering Four Embraer 170 for Sale or Longterm Lease

  • Rabin Sahtoe says:

    Dear Sir, Can we get some pictures of the aircraft as we are looking for some vip seats and the rest economy.
    Please advise asking price.
    Thank you in advance and best regards,
    Rabin Sahtoe
    Blue Wing Airlines

  • Paulo Fernandes says:

    I would like more information of the aircraft embraer 170,
    I have interest in acquiring by leasing.
    Please send the proposal of the lease of 36 months and also inform the general conditions and pics of the aircraft and if its possible that I operate it in Brazil.
    Thank you

  • admin says:

    This site is a site for “Virtual” airlines to post news on and is related to flight simulation. While the airlines exist online and have pilots who fly in Flight Simulator for them, the aircraft are not real. The aircraft mentioned in the article above were simply being offered for sale or lease to another virtual airline.

    See the following article on Wikipedia for a description of what a virtual airline is: http://

    If you’re another virtual airline wanting to lease or buy these aircraft, please contact the email address in the article.

    Best regards,
    Lindle Romero

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