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freshJet and Fly UK in 757 Lease Agreement

freshJet has signed a lease agreement with virtual airline giant Fly UK for two Boeing 757-200s. The aircraft will be based at Glasgow and Manchester until the end of October replacing the regular Airbus A320 family aircraft on high density summer routes such as Tenerife, Paphos and Palma. The aircraft are also expected to temporarily appear on other European routes.

freshJet previously operated a single leased 757 in 2011, when a deal was made with Liverpool-based low cost airline Skylines.

Upon returning to owner Fly UK, the aircraft are expected to re-enter service with low-cost subsidiary Fly2.


woh|group is Offering Four Embraer 170 for Sale or Longterm Lease

The woh|group is offering four Embraer 170 for sale or long-term lease. The four aircraft has been built in 2004 and has been operated since then by different member airlines of the woh|group. Currently the aircraft are flying for our subsidiary Arabian Sun where they soon will be replaced by bigger aircraft . As we are also simulating the economic background of our virtual airline we would like to offer these aircraft to other virtual airlines either for sale or a long-term lease (minimum 3 years). The aircraft are equipped with 6 business class and 64 economy class seats and are based in Abu Dhabi (OMAA). If you are interested and/or looking for a new short haul fleet, please contact us by email (


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