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vUSAF & AETC First Principles of Learning

To guide the learning process, vUSAF has designed Principles of Learning and applied them to all areas of our program.

This applies to our vUSAF for today and tomorrow.

1. The vUSAF & AETC learning environment is adaptable.

2. The learning environment is effective and efficient in meeting validated learning objectives, protecting our vUSAF Pilots time in their real life and in our great hobby. A great balance.

3. Our new Technology for 2013 is designed to give us the most innovative learning environment possible, one being the new ACMI gauge.

4. Learning is available anytime and anywhere

5. Students in the vUSAF & AETC are responsible for their own learning with training material to guide their way.

6. Instruction is more interactive, self-paced where possible, and appropriate to the vUSAF desired outcome.



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