Summer with flyeuro and East Midlands Hub..

CASTLE DONINGTON, ENGLAND – flyeuro’s executives have met earlier this year with the executives of three European airports; Budapest, Berlin Schonefeld and East Midlands. They have visited today to Midlands major low-cost airport, Nottingham East Midlands to announce the official East Midlands hub launch, a deal which was shrouded in secrecy over the past few months.

The airport officials welcomed the new airliner at EMA with a specially designed cake for the occasion at a press conference. Prioritizing the agenda, flyeuro’s Chief Executive Officer Kamil Bonczyk quickly moved on to describing the benefits of the hub launch, and announcing a wide variety of destinations to be launched at EMA. “We’re aiming to provide a low cost alternative to passengers and to pilots. With that in mind, we also need to make sure the services we offer will be of interest to our customers”.

Out of East Midlands, flyeuro will operate five brand new delivered Boeing 737-800 type aircrafts. The aircrafts have been delivered quite recently, and feature winglets as their contemporaries. Flyeuro’s COO Emil Gabrys, responsible for fleet managing said “It’s a great day for us to be at EMA, launching new destinations, and expanding, but for me above all, it’s great to see them new shiny Boeings which will soon raise to the skies out of East Midlands”.

It was confirmed that flyeuro will fly to 28 brand new destinations, including Paphos, Ibiza, Chania, Dinard, Faro, Fuerteventura, Lodz, Warsaw, Milan and Riga. In the winter schedule, flyeuro will operate flights to Chambery. Furthermore, when asked by the press about further EMA expansion, the CEO did not deny this possibility, laughing the reporter off and saying “Well, we’ve only began one expansion, so let’s not jump too far ahead of ourselves. We’ll just wait and see, but if the interest is adequate, we definitely would return to discussing some sort of an expansion…”

This hub launch is in line with a major network overhaul of the airline for the Summer Schedules. Although flyeuro’s headquarters will remain in Liverpool, Gatwick will become the airline’s main strategic base for its low-cost operations. For the first time, the airline will operate to destinations outside of the European Union; to Moscow, Tel Aviv, Kiev and Podgorica. Additionally, it will operate summer destinations, to the likes of Ibiza, Dubrovnik, Palma de Mallorca, Sharm el Sheikh, Mykonos, Dalaman and many more.

Summer Schedule will begin on 8th April 2013, with the launch of flyeuro’s summer schedule. Equally, the same procedure will follow for flyeuro’s new hubs in Hungary and Germany (Budapest Ferihegy and Berlin Schonefeld as airports respectively).

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