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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - has unveiled the Winter Schedules for 2015/16 last week, and they are now well underway. First Winter flights have flown out of 17 European hubs to Winter havens such as Rovaniemi, Innsbruck, Chambery and more. The airline also announced changes on their Dreamliner service, introducing it’s pilots and passengers to new destinations which will run until March 2016.

The expansion of the mainstream service also continues, as the airline conglomerate opened a new hub at Brussels Charleroi. flyeuro Group, the owners of explain that “these changes are an attempt to increase flyeuro traffic online, as well as transatlantic traffic which has dipped over the course of 2015″. They have also expressed gratitude to Continue reading


flyeuro launches Summer Schedules

FlyEuroLogoLONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Low-cost European airliner, flyeuro has released new Summer schedules for period of April – November 2015. It promises to tackle competitors by giving them a lower priced alternative for passengers, while expanding operations at Manchester, Berlin Schonefeld and their main hub, London Gatwick.

Now offering a range of flights from 17 hubs across European continent (with majority being in the UK), flyeuro’s newest Summer Schedule offers flights to popular holiday resorts like Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Dubrovnik, Hurghada, Madeira, Burgas, Antalya, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Santorini and more. In their new schedules, flyeuro have also made space for regular connections to Bari, Lisbon, Bratislava, Gothenburg Landvetter and more.

Kamil Bonczyk, flyeuro’s CEO commented “We want to Continue reading


flyeuro Hopeful to Improve Traffic Numbers

flyeuro traffic has taken a dive since September, however it is believed that this is typical for the time of the year. The industry experts have criticised flyeuro for not taking advantage of the demise of the low-cost giant, Virtual Ryanair. The airline officials however believe that there is no reason to be alarmed, and assure that operations carry on as usual.

Few days ago, flyeuro’s website received an image refresh. It is now more interactive, simpler to use, intuitive and free of clutter. flyeuro’s technology department has been also busy with developing an interactive route map, and a mobile version of the site. “We want the user to
associate the words ‘flexible’ and ‘simple’ with us. It’s what we are about.” – said Kamil Bonczyk, flyeuro’s CEO. The website now also features Christmas seasonal motives.

Today, the airline sent out a press release, wishing their pilots Merry Christmas, while placing an early Christmas present under the tree. It was unveilved that Liverpool operations will be scaled back in favour of the more popular London Gatwick hub, and Manchester will have
a few new routes. After an unsuccessful Scandinavian hub launch in Stockholm, flyeuro routes out of Arlanda will be more “Scandinavian” as quoted per press release. This includes new routes to Helsinki and Copenhagen. In an attempt to boost interest and traffic, the low-cost airline will also operate to new places from Berlin Schonefeld and Rotterdam, launching routes to Bordeaux, Basel, and most surprisingly and unexpectedly Continue reading


flyeuro’s Minor Revolution

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Low-cost European airliner, flyeuro is troubled with lack of progression. In a bid to maintain stable development of their operations, the airline went a minor revolution. Two hubs were closed, while place for four brand new hubs was made.

Recent launch of the airline’s regional subsidiary, flybritain saw major growth of traffic within the airline. During the last month however, the traffic frequency began to fade.

On Sunday, 21st May 2013, flyeuro informed that the airline will be pulling out of their East Midlands and Budapest hubs, claiming that it was “inevitable” as these hubs were producing losses for the airline. In an attempt to note profits again, just two days later on the day of the closure of the two hubs, flyeuro announced new destinations and strategies introduced with immediate notice.

In an official press release, the airline stated “We’ve listened to you, and we’ve been making changes that suit you, and make you happy at flyeuro.” The press statement went onto stating that four new hubs have been launched: Frankfurt, Barcelona, Gdansk and Rotterdam. Moreover, Airbus A320 was introduced in an unusual twist. The airline officials believed in the past that the single-type fleet business model is functional and should not be modified. “Pilots and passengers told us what they want, and it became apparent that its best to shed some realism for choice and flexibility, hence the introduction of Airbus A320″ – said Emil Gabrys, COO of flyeuro. “We love feedback from our members, and it was their voice who spoke in the selection of the Airbus”.

On top of these changes, flyeuro introduced scrupulous regulations in terms of pilot inactivity. “We have to maintain high standards. While we listen to Continue reading


flyeuro Goes Global…

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – flyeuro’s executives signed a deal with several airlines to purchase out their Boeing 757 aircrafts, in time to serve flyeuro’s Transatlantic expansion flights. The five Boeing 757-200 aircraft with winglets are capable of serving distances up to 4,100nm and will be based at flyeuro’s main bases, London Gatwick and Liverpool.

In June, first flights to America and Canada will be departing from London Gatwick, on the first ever flyeuro Transatlantic flights. flyeuro advertises low-cost prices and excellent service as their main selling points for the upcoming Transatlantic connections. Flights to Halifax, Newark, Chicago, Atlanta and Toronto are amongst some of the new destinations which will be operated by the 757. Moreover, flyeuro will be also operating the 757′s on flights to Continue reading

Summer with flyeuro and East Midlands Hub..

CASTLE DONINGTON, ENGLAND – flyeuro’s executives have met earlier this year with the executives of three European airports; Budapest, Berlin Schonefeld and East Midlands. They have visited today to Midlands major low-cost airport, Nottingham East Midlands to announce the official East Midlands hub launch, a deal which was shrouded in secrecy over the past few months.

The airport officials welcomed the new airliner at EMA with a specially designed cake for the occasion at a press conference. Prioritizing the agenda, flyeuro’s Chief Executive Officer Kamil Bonczyk quickly moved on to describing the benefits of the hub launch, and announcing a wide variety of destinations to be launched at EMA. “We’re aiming to provide a low cost alternative to passengers and to pilots. With that in mind, we also need to make sure the services we offer will be of interest to our customers”.

Out of East Midlands, flyeuro will operate five brand new delivered Boeing 737-800 type aircrafts. The aircrafts have been delivered quite recently, and feature winglets as their contemporaries. Flyeuro’s COO Emil Gabrys, responsible for fleet managing said “It’s a great day for us to be at EMA, launching new destinations, and expanding, but for me above all, it’s great to see them new shiny Boeings which will soon raise to the skies out of East Midlands”.

It was confirmed that flyeuro will fly to 28 brand new destinations, including Paphos, Ibiza, Chania, Dinard, Faro, Fuerteventura, Lodz, Warsaw, Milan and Riga. In the winter schedule, flyeuro will operate flights to Chambery. Furthermore, when asked by the press about further EMA expansion, the CEO did not deny this possibility, laughing the reporter off and saying “Well, we’ve only began one expansion, so let’s not jump too far ahead of ourselves. We’ll just wait and see, but if Continue reading

Share Sponsor Deal With A State of Trance Radio Show

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – flyeuro, the new, up and coming virtual low-cost conglomerate of Europe, has announced a new partnership with the world’s most famous radio show, A State of Trance, ran by the legendary Dutch DJ, Armin van Buuren on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

The show in 2013 celebrates it’s 600th episode, and between February and April, it will tour around the world with almost 10 concerts being played on all continents, in some of the biggest world cities such as Mexico City, Mumbai, Miami and New York.

flyeuro announced that a specially repainted G-ASOT livery will be handed to pilots to fly to the gigs in Minsk in Belarus, Sofia in Bulgaria, Beirut in Lebanon and Den Bosch in Netherlands.

flyeuro’s schedule of flights will resemble the real schedules. On the 7th March, pilots will have a chance to visit Minsk; a day later, Sofia and on the Sunday, Beirut. The tour will conclude with the real tour on 6th April in Den Bosch.

The airline’s CEO, Mr Bonczyk said “It is an exciting opportunity for us to be able to offer these flights to our pilots. It opens a diverse range of flights… for at least a weekend.” He added “It allows us also to see whether these routes would be popular”.

This will be the first charter tour of flyeuro airline, with many to Continue reading

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