flyeuro’s Minor Revolution

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Low-cost European airliner, flyeuro is troubled with lack of progression. In a bid to maintain stable development of their operations, the airline went a minor revolution. Two hubs were closed, while place for four brand new hubs was made.

Recent launch of the airline’s regional subsidiary, flybritain saw major growth of traffic within the airline. During the last month however, the traffic frequency began to fade.

On Sunday, 21st May 2013, flyeuro informed that the airline will be pulling out of their East Midlands and Budapest hubs, claiming that it was “inevitable” as these hubs were producing losses for the airline. In an attempt to note profits again, just two days later on the day of the closure of the two hubs, flyeuro announced new destinations and strategies introduced with immediate notice.

In an official press release, the airline stated “We’ve listened to you, and we’ve been making changes that suit you, and make you happy at flyeuro.” The press statement went onto stating that four new hubs have been launched: Frankfurt, Barcelona, Gdansk and Rotterdam. Moreover, Airbus A320 was introduced in an unusual twist. The airline officials believed in the past that the single-type fleet business model is functional and should not be modified. “Pilots and passengers told us what they want, and it became apparent that its best to shed some realism for choice and flexibility, hence the introduction of Airbus A320″ – said Emil Gabrys, COO of flyeuro. “We love feedback from our members, and it was their voice who spoke in the selection of the Airbus”.

On top of these changes, flyeuro introduced scrupulous regulations in terms of pilot inactivity. “We have to maintain high standards. While we listen to Continue reading


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