flyeuro Hopeful to Improve Traffic Numbers

flyeuro traffic has taken a dive since September, however it is believed that this is typical for the time of the year. The industry experts have criticised flyeuro for not taking advantage of the demise of the low-cost giant, Virtual Ryanair. The airline officials however believe that there is no reason to be alarmed, and assure that operations carry on as usual.

Few days ago, flyeuro’s website received an image refresh. It is now more interactive, simpler to use, intuitive and free of clutter. flyeuro’s technology department has been also busy with developing an interactive route map, and a mobile version of the site. “We want the user to
associate the words ‘flexible’ and ‘simple’ with us. It’s what we are about.” – said Kamil Bonczyk, flyeuro’s CEO. The website now also features Christmas seasonal motives.

Today, the airline sent out a press release, wishing their pilots Merry Christmas, while placing an early Christmas present under the tree. It was unveilved that Liverpool operations will be scaled back in favour of the more popular London Gatwick hub, and Manchester will have
a few new routes. After an unsuccessful Scandinavian hub launch in Stockholm, flyeuro routes out of Arlanda will be more “Scandinavian” as quoted per press release. This includes new routes to Helsinki and Copenhagen. In an attempt to boost interest and traffic, the low-cost airline will also operate to new places from Berlin Schonefeld and Rotterdam, launching routes to Bordeaux, Basel, and most surprisingly and unexpectedly Brussels Zaventem. If successful, the airline is not ruling out a Zaventem expansion.

The airline has also announced that it’s sister company, flybritain will receive a major overhaul in January 2014, with a closure of the hub in Edinburgh. Scottish passengers will have to hope that flybritain is relocating to another Scottish hub, however their strategy seems to lose focus out of Scotland, due to lack of interest.

Formed in February 2013, flyeuro’s 215 pilots flew over 3800 flights. Industry experts praise this achievement as the low-cost beginner managed to surpass established airlines such as WizzVA, American Virtual, Vortex and Delta Airlines in the VACentral rankings. British/Polish low-cost recently celebrated a milestone of a 1000 flyeuro operations at their main base at London Gatwick. Chief Executive Officer CEO Kamil Bonczyk is proud of this achievement. “We had a brilliant year, and we couldn’t ask for a better debut, however in 2014 we will be stepping up the game to become Europe’s favourite low-cost airline”.


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