flyeuro Goes Global…

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – flyeuro’s executives signed a deal with several airlines to purchase out their Boeing 757 aircrafts, in time to serve flyeuro’s Transatlantic expansion flights. The five Boeing 757-200 aircraft with winglets are capable of serving distances up to 4,100nm and will be based at flyeuro’s main bases, London Gatwick and Liverpool.

In June, first flights to America and Canada will be departing from London Gatwick, on the first ever flyeuro Transatlantic flights. flyeuro advertises low-cost prices and excellent service as their main selling points for the upcoming Transatlantic connections. Flights to Halifax, Newark, Chicago, Atlanta and Toronto are amongst some of the new destinations which will be operated by the 757. Moreover, flyeuro will be also operating the 757′s on flights to Skiathos, Dubai and Tel Aviv during the Summer Schedules.

flyeuro’s CEO Kamil Bonczyk said “It’s a big challenge for us to be moving into transatlantic flights, but we listen to the customer’s feedback, and we’d like to provide them with best destinations we could possibly offer. As an expanding airline full of ambitions, I believe it is an ideal direction for us to take. We’re also incredibly proud for applying this model into practice, as we are a low-cost airline, and these don’t tend to be popular in crossing the pond”.
There are rumours that flyeuro is working on a low-cost subsidiary for the British market, and a marketing campaign already began on Twitter, under the name of flybritain. “We’re aiming to have a good customer service record, and for that to happen, we need to constantly implement changes which are satisfying for our market” added the CEO, Kamil Bonczyk.

The updated schedule comes in effect on June 1st, 2013.
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