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Canadian Xpress Now Offering VATSIM P2 Ratings

Canadian Xpress® a VATSIM Authorized Training Organization, is pleased to announce that we can now train, evaluate and issue your VATSIM P2 Rating – Pilot Fundamentals.

Our VATSIM P2 Training program includes:

• Understanding Flight|
• Aircraft Systems
• Basic Flight Instruments
• Pitot / Static System
• VOR / NDB Navigation
• Instrument Navigation
• Aircraft Lights

In addition, Canadian Xpress® provides other types of training including:

• VATSIM P1 Training
• Flight procedures
• Oceanic procedures
• Flying specific payware aircraft (from cold & dark)
• Etc.

Sign up as a pilot with Canadian Xpress® today by visiting and in a short amount of time, you will have your VATSIM P2 Rating!


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