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GoAirUK ATC School

The school was established in conjunction with the Flight School to provide a more realistic environment when pilots are working towards their VATSIM rating.

The ATC school offers a rating system to encourage you to expand your knowledge and progress to the higher stations.

We offer one to one training when time permits, and those who feel they already meet the criteria for a rating may write to the ATC training school via the forum and request that the rating is awarded, although a review may be necessary.

Each rating has a specific set of criteria that must be met with a high level of confidence, and each rating within the school has a tutorial/help video to assist with your learning.

The rating are as follows:

The school will also provide links to reading/study material for every step of the training process.

We have a team of VATSIM  trained ATC instructors that are here to help you progress through your Air Traffic Control career:
GoAir-03 Matt B-D, GoAir-07 Dave Butler, GoAir-08 Julien V


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