Cubana Virtual is Officially Open

We are happy to announce that Cubana Virtual is now open for business. After long hours of hard work we finally completed our task list and now have no excuses to open. Cubana de Aviacion is one of the oldest Airlines of South America bringing a rich culture in to the virtual aviation world. At Cubana Virtual we wanted to keep the same principals but make it also the busiest VA of South America by adding routes worldwide, a total of 9 different airplanes, two airlines you can fly in (Cubana de Aviacion and Aerocaribbean Airlines).

Current Features Cubana Virtual:

  • ·         Over 50 active routes
  • ·         9 different aircrafts
  • ·         Fly Cubana and Aerocaribbean routes
  • ·         Only three ranks for faster progress
  • ·         *Become a Senior Captain and never become inactive
  • ·         Worldwide routes to Europe, North America, and South America
  • ·         Fly Airbus, Boeing, ATR, and more

Check us out at


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