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Announcing Landmark Aviation!

This is the first public announcement of the beginning of Landmark Aviation. Like most VA’s you replicate the demands and procedures of a real world airline.

In this case we are duplicating one of the nations largest FBO and Air Charter service. With a full line of aircraft ranging from the Beechcraft B200 King Air to the Hawker 850XP we offer a wide, and flexible, variety of choices with in the FBO.

We currently have the Air Charter set up to run with VAFS (Virtual Airline Finical System) so all pilot hours, data, money, ranks, etc will be safely stored and displayed on the website.

Speaking of websites, we have designed an incomplete website, meaning not everything on the site is finished and official, however we made the registration page a priority to get completed. Some of the other pages are a bit touchy be are still navigable.

On the FBO side of things… there is no way to mimic aircraft maintenance or training. We came to the conclusion that the FBO will simply be more of a Flight Club. Some place where on a Friday night you can sit down, have a beer, and just fly and enjoy the Pacific Northwest Scenery with a great group of people! We are creating a dedicated server through FSOpen so that we can host small events like these.

Our operation is based out of KBVS (Skagit Regional Airport in Burlington, WA) but also own a few other hangers in the Pacific region into Canada.

Like I said before we are currently recruiting pilots for the Charter and any members who want to participate in the FBO. We also have some management spots that need to be filled!

  • KORS Hub Manager
  • KORS Hub Manager
  • 2WA1 Hub Manager
  • CEF4 Hub Manager
  • 65S Hub Manager
  • Recruitment Manager

Visit our site at

If have questions or want to be part of the management team, leave a reply, PM me, or email me at


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