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DHL Virtual Cargo Airline Updates

DHLv’s strategy around hubs is to ensure we have one in a country or region of operations, these hubs are responsible for contract negotiations, tender applications, service review meetings, reciprocal arrangements with partner or other local freight operators, airlines and road transport companies and of course selling our services to businesses and individuals in their region.

With the above in mind the changes to our hubs that have already happened are:

1. African operations are now based from the new hub recently completed at OR Tambo International Airport ICAO: FAOR.

2. US Operations at Newark Liberty International have moved to the facility at JFK International Airport and the Newark facility downgraded to a maintenance centre.

3. Caribbean Operations are now based at Princess Juliana International (TNCM) and the St Kitts facility closed but overnight parking/maintenance is still available there.

4. The hub at Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok has been downgraded to a distribution/maintenance facility and the main regional hub transferred to Singapore Changi (WSSS).

5. In addition the primary Asia-Pacific maintenance and repaint centre is now open and operational at Seletar Airport in Singapore (WSSL).

6. Both Indian hubs are now closed due to contractual changes to services in the region, until a new hub is established Leipzig will manage the remaining Eurasian contracts.

Changes due to happen in February/March

1. UK Operations will all be controlled from the hub at East Midlands Airport and the secondary hubs at Luton, Manchester and Dublin will be downgraded to distribution centres.

2. The hub at KLAX Los Angeles International will be downgraded to a distribution centre and hub operations moved to the new facility at KMIA Miami International.

3. The hub at Sydney Kingsford Intl will become a distribution centre and the hub operations transferred to Brisbane International.

Can I just say that if you want to continue flying routes from your usual base of operations that is fine, a change to the hub you come under does not stop you doing so. We will still be using most of the former hubs as either distribution centres or simply one of our regular airports so the routes in and out of them remain intact and you will have fuel and freight handling facilities there to load/unload you top up your tanks etc. as usual.

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