Air-Source Virtual Pilot Union Launches Audit

AirSourceThe recent Global Financial Crisis hit airlines hard and although oil prices have reduced lately, the airlines have focused on flight durations across all aircraft within their respective fleets. In particular, the airlines have complained about slow flights being flown by AirSource and are threatening to take action with AirSource. Even though this is not a widespread problem, “slow flights” have seen a troubling growth trend. The consequences of this continuing are unimaginable.

As a result AirSource is taking positive action to rectify this trend. The Executive Management Team (EMT) has launched a General Audit of AirSource pilot logbooks to identify where the “slow flight” problems have been occurring, and to satisfy the airlines that AirSource is operating in the manner it should be and in accordance with the provisions contained within the AirSource Employee Manual. A post-audit report will be published at the conclusion of the study.

Norm Edwards
AirSource President
Executive Management Team


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