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LegionAir 2015 Update


LegionAir has some good news for 2015. We have a new flight tracking system installed for better tracking of your flight. Also a new search engine to help pilots find flights easier!

Also we have our cargo operation that has taken some time in getting up and running but its here. We have 3 cargo hubs KOAK, KMIA, and PANC. We have a vast amount of routes from each hub. Also we have the Cargo Ops module up with 3 airports that flights are based out of which is VHHH, EDDF, and OMDB. This will allow you pilots to get some flights all over the world and in the USA at random.

This year we have changed around our regional fleet. It is LegionAir Connect. The fleet at the moment consists of the E175, Dash 8 400. In the coming time we will add the CRJ 200, 700, 900 for flights.

Late last year we reach an agreement with GB Airlines to code share routes. We are hoping that 2015 will give us a greater opportunity to get more routes threw code sharing all over the world.

We do have a couple positions available for people who would like to be more involved with a va.
COO Passenger Operations
Media/Event Director
Pilots always looking for people to enjoy this hobby with.
To apply for the management positions you can join the va and get in contact with me or use the contact tab on the website.
Lastly some pictures of the new white liveries.


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