PIAv Announces Training Academy


PIAv is now actively working to move out from the “virtual” world, and through the help and support of VATSIM, encourage flight simmers to take this magnificent hobby to a whole new level. We are also working to create Flight training Academy as per the standards of Vatsim.

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About PIAv:
PIA Virtual, also referred to as PIAv is Pakistan’s largest, and VATSIM certified virtual airline. Official Brand Airline of Pakistan vACC ( since Jan’ 2015, the organization has continued to serve the needs of flight simmers in Pakistan, and around the world. Over this time, our professional team of developers has worked hard to represent Pakistan and Pakistani aviation in the world of flight simulator

Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide a high quality, realistic, virtual aviation experience to all flight sim enthusiasts. We will help pilots of all skills, ages, race and sex to achieve their full potential as virtual airline pilots.

Who We Are

PIAv is a well-recognized, dedicated, independent, and free of charge virtual airline open to enthusiasts participating in the flight simulation community worldwide.
We offer flight operations similar to a real world airline, enabling you to experience what it is like to be a commercial pilot.

The best part of PIAv is that we bring real people together; people who share your passion for flight simulation, allowing you to create friendships which span the globe.
Our aim is to be a pro-active, market-orientated organization. Through our continued, innovative development we aim to become one of the world’s leading virtual aviation organizations renowned for setting standards.

Meet Our Team
1.    Mr. Omais Khan (Chairman)
2.    Mr. Raihan Shahzad (Managing Director)
3.    Mr. Irfan Khan (Director IT)
4.    Mr. Ovais Tariq (Director Flight Operations)
5.    Mr. Ahmed Arif (Director Flight Scheduling)
6.    Mr. Shujaa Imran (Director PR & Membership)
7.    Mr. Najeeb Bukhari (Director HR)
8.    Mr. Zaid Ahmed (Chief Pilot)
9.    Mr. Huzayfah Alam (Assistant Director Flight Scheduling)
10.    Mr. Tariq Mohammed (Vatsim Coordinator)
11.    Ms. Afifa Khan – Chief Finance Officer
12.    Ms. Amna Hafeez – Assistant Director Human Resources

Bigger Picture
Recently in Collaboration with Pakistan vACC under the leadership of Mr. Omais Khan (Director Pakistan vACC) first time in the history of Pakistan we have organized the biggest Live Vatsim “Flight To Friendship Event” in which more than 40 pilots attended the event directly from the venue and more than 100 pilots attended & completed their flights online. We are pleased and thankful to all of our members for helping us reach this achievement for another consecutive time.

Benefits for the Pilots
We are keen to give more professional atmosphere and technology to our pilots so they can feel the realism of aviation world, we have gathered best possible technology which can differentiate us from other existing virtual airlines in the world.

What we offer to our pilots:
•    smartCARS 2.0 Flight Tracking System
•    Real world Schedule
•    Real Booking Schedule System
•    vPilot Awards
•    Live Vatsim Events with ATC services
•    Bonus Hours if flown on Vatsim events (Conditions Apply)
•    Flight Academy
•    TeamSpeak
•    PIAv Forums
•    Customized Download Section
•    Certificates of Promotion

Long live unity of the pilots.

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