VirtualUA Press Release – August 2015


Welcome to August! We hope you are all having a nice and relaxing summer. For the management team here at Virtual United Social Club, Inc., it is definitely a busy part of the year, however, it has also been very rewarding! From receiving our non-profit organization seal and official documents to having a record breaking summer in terms of PIREPs filed, everyone in the community is striving for further success. Without further ado, here is our August 2015 Press Release for the end of July and August.

Starting off, we have had many changes within our management team. In the Human Resources Department, Sam Mussen has been appointed the Senior Vice President of the department. Sam brings past knowledge of

the organization back to the table and has already delivered great results for the department. In the Communications and Marketing Department, Mark Savard has been re-appointed the Senior Vice President of the department. After having to resign from the position back in December due to time restrictions, Mark returns with new plans and strategies to propel the organization into stronger partner relations and protrude through the use of social media. In the Community Affairs and Events Department, former Western Regional Manager Willie Woolridge, has been moved to the Senior Vice President position of the department. Willie comes to the department in high spirits and a great mindset in hopes of re-energizing the pilot base by creating more and more events. He also comes with past work experience in successful organizations.

With our CAT Free initiative being extended into August, and now, the entire summer, stunning results have already been seen. In only two and a half months, already 5,000 flights have been flown by Virtual United pilots! Keep up the amazing work everyone! Your continued commitment and enthusiasm for Virtual United Social Club is greatly appreciated.  From all of us in the management team, we hope you all have a great end to your summer.

Kind regards,
Mark Savard |
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications & Marketing


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