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Moving Forward with Virtual United Social Club, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois -  Being social, realism, organization, and visually appealing are just some of the things that help make a Virtual Airline stand out amongst the vast number of organizations out there. It is our pleasure, from the hard working Staff Team at Virtual United, to introduce Virtual Project Forward. This is a new project will help make us one of the best in the World. When you hear that “Rhapsody in Blue” you automatically think United, but what about it from the virtual point of view?

Virtual Project Forward will revolutionize the ways of not only Virtual United, but also the Virtual Community. To begin, you have to be social. The community is what makes your airline succeed. At Virtual United were are working on moving to new heights with the start of live streaming on Next is realism. By working with our new members on the staff team, we are improving and adding those routes that you love to fly. There is nothing worst then looking forward to a flight, but not having it in the database. This is all being improved so if Star Alliance has it, then so do we. Organization is another key factor for something to succeed. In our case, Virtual Project Forward will improve the navigation of a new interface. Not going to say much, but don’t be surprised if one day there is a new website layout. This also ties into the visually appealing aspect. If something looks appealing, then it is proven more people will be drawn to it.

In conclusion, we would like to welcome you to Virtual United as we make a new beginning with Virtual Project Forward. These changes will help us tackle our goal of making Virtual United Social Club Inc. a place where Continue reading


VirtualUA Press Release – August 2015


Welcome to August! We hope you are all having a nice and relaxing summer. For the management team here at Virtual United Social Club, Inc., it is definitely a busy part of the year, however, it has also been very rewarding! From receiving our non-profit organization seal and official documents to having a record breaking summer in terms of PIREPs filed, everyone in the community is striving for further success. Without further ado, here is our August 2015 Press Release for the end of July and August.

Starting off, we have had many changes within our management team. In the Human Resources Department, Sam Mussen has been appointed the Senior Vice President of the department. Sam brings past knowledge of

the organization back to the table and has already delivered great results for the department. In the Communications and Marketing Department, Mark Savard has been re-appointed the Senior Vice President of the department. After having to resign from the position back in December due to time restrictions, Mark returns with new plans and strategies to propel the organization into stronger partner relations and protrude through the use of social media. In the Community Affairs and Events Department, former Western Regional Manager Willie Woolridge, has been moved to the Senior Vice President position of the department. Willie comes to the department in high spirits and a great mindset in hopes of re-energizing the pilot base by creating more and more events. He also comes with past work experience in successful organizations.

With our CAT Free initiative being extended into Continue reading


Virtual United Airlines Announces Release of new ACARS 3.0

VirtualUAVirtual United Airlines (, had a very busy month during September 2014. First off Robert Sayles has rejoined us at the helm as CEO of the VA and has brought many new changes with him. As a result we’ve lost some staff members, but at the same time we’ve added new, fresh, innovative minds to the staff team to help move the VA in the direction we feel is right. We’ve added three HR Reps to aid the HR Director in his duties. Executive management has also seen some changes with the addition of Christian Bay as Executive Vice President of Administration and Keith Lovell as Executive Vice President of Technology and Chief Information Officer, formerly the positions of Shelton McCallop and Dimitri Trofimuk respectively.

A few big changes are underway here at Virtual UA, perhaps none larger than the rollout of our new ACARS program currently undergoing Beta testing. We will be rolling out ACARS v3 on November 1st, 2014, alongside an ACARS launch event currently in the making. ACARS v3 is not only an upgrade or simply a bug patch. It’s a complete rework from the ground up and represents the countless hours we spend behind the scenes making this VA better for you.

The ACARS is but one of many things underway here at Virtual UA. We’re currently working on content for our Pilot Shop and Discount Store, Pilot Recognition Programs i.e Best Landing Rate, Most Hours, etc., Awards to Compliment those Programs, A re-rejuvenated Events Department, and a complete sweep of our website to fix any existing bugs or to just add new content and make it as pilot friendly as possible.

We know you have choices in the flightsim community, so we offer our deepest, most heartfelt thank you to all of you help make our VA the best out there. We certainly wouldn’t be here doing all this if it weren’t for you, so THANK YOU.

Until next time,
Kind Regards,
VirtualUA Corporate Communications


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