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Eastern Airlines Virtual Kicks Off Around the World Tour


Eastern Airlines Virtual is excited to announce that the 2016 version of our Around the World Tour has kicked off. This years tour kicks off from our Corporate Headquarters at Fort Lauderdale-

Hollywood International in Florida and heads south, it then zig zags across the Equator, down through Australia. From Australia it heads to Fiji and from there you turn North and head up the Western edge and around the top of the Ring of Fire and back down through the Continental US and end up right back where you started. In all 28 legs of fun flying to some exotic locales and some well known ones as well.

Eastern Airlnes Virtual offers many benefits including;

- 10 hubs spead across the United States, from traditional Eastern Airlines hubs in Miami and Atlanta to non-traditional Eastern hubs in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Seattle.

- Fleet Hanger with 33 Aircraft ranging from modern aircraft in new liveries to traditional Eastern Airlines birds in the iconic Eastern Hockey Stick livery. Fly the DC-3 to the A380 and 747-8

- Earn Ribbons and Medals flying Tours and Challenges. Our website contains a complete pilot profile page where you can view and keep track of all your awards.

- Ranking system based on Hours flown.

- NO hourly or minimum rank requirements to fly bigger aircraft.

Come see us at and see how, from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale and everywhere in between, we’re still “Earning our Wings Everyday”.

Flight1 Software: ATCPro Now Available


Flag Mountain Software and Aerius Designs are proud to announce that ATCPro, a realistic Air Traffic Control Simulation of the TRACON environment, is now available for download purchase.  ATCpro is a revolutionary simulation written from the ground up that sets the bar high for a level of realism never before seen in desktop computer simulations. It authentically simulates the TRACON environment of air traffic control where aircraft are monitored on radar and guided to their destinations within 30 miles of major airports in the United States.

It has been in development for over 2 years, by Flag Mountain Software and Aerius Designs, a team of software experts, aviation professionals and enthusiasts including real Air Traffic Controllers with more than 30 years professional experience.

ATCPro Key Features
Cutting Edge Speech Recognition and Text to Continue reading

Channel Express Opens New Hub at Newark Liberty International Airport

ChannelExpressWe at Channel Express Virtual would like to announce the opening of a New cargo hub at Newark Liberty International airport New Jersey. which went online on January 4th 2016

Currently the fleet consists of 1# Lockheed Tristar and 2# Boeing 727-200 Freighters, Although there are plans to update this fleet at a later date.

Yes these are older aircraft, but we have found there are a few out there who prefer the classic’s.  If these are not your thing, we do have newer aircraft available.

This will be our first hub on the other side of the Atlantic.  As to the question will there be others? lets just see how this one pans out.

Other Airline News
We now have 5 Senior Captains within our ranks, One of which has now completed 2’000 flying hours.  Maybe to some no big deal, But to us this is a great achievement.

We have had a steady flow of new pilots joining us, some have proved to be a great asset to us, and have got stuck right in, also showing a great deal of commitment to the airline. Continue reading

Astraeus Airlines Starts Operations


Astraeus Airlines has started operations flying from our Hub at London Gatwick Airport.
We fly a fleet of Boeing 737-700 and 757-200 to destinations such as Sharm el-Sheikh, Berlin-Schonefeld and Palma.

We are also a charter airline flying our aircraft on routes you want to through our smartCARS 2 flight tracker.

You pick the Departure airport, Arrival airport and Aircraft then fly!

We fly online on Vatsim or Ivao as well as flying offline.

We hope to see you in the skies soon.

Platinum Airways goes Skating on Thick Ice

PlatinumThickIcePlatinum Airways, the Open Skies virtual airline, is starting 2016 with a slippery Destination of the Week series. Skating on Thin Ice will visit four large glaciers on as many continents.

It has become a tradition at Platinum Airways to dedicate each year’s first destination of the Week series to a wintery theme. 2016 is no exception, as the very virtual Open Skies airline is off to four airports that are close to four significant glaciers. Skating on Thick Ice kicks off with a visit to Antarctica, home of the world’s largest Lambert Glacier, and of the Wilkins Runway (YWKS), an ice runway in the East. From there, we move on to the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska, and its main access airport of Yakutat (PAYA). Our third Skating on Thick Ice DOTW is Skardu Airport (OPSD), the closest airport to the Siachen Glacier in disputed territory between India and Pakistan in the Himalaya – OPSD was selected only on the basis of proximity. We conclude Skating on Thick Ice with a glacier in Patagonia: the Perito Moreno, and its feeder airport, Armando Tola (SAWL).

Each DOTW comes with charts to be downloaded and links to scenery files. A selection of YouTube videos usually contains flight deck and ground views with landings and departures. Continue reading

Canadian Xpress January 2016 Challenge – Dangerous Airports VIII

CXA_Janu_2016_ChallengeThis month, we depart Chengdu Shuangli (ZUUU) and travel to the highest airport supported in the FS world, Qamdo-Bangda (ZUBD) Tibet that has an elevation of 14,219 ft. Runway 14/32 is the longest publicly used runway in the world, at 18,045 ft or 3.42 miles. Until 2013, Qamdo-Bangda (ZUBD) was the highest airport in the world. That title is now held by Daocheng Yading Airport which is 238 ft higher, however no scenery is currently available to support an event.

The low air density at this altitude makes a higher takeoff and landing true airspeed necessary, and therefore a longer runway. The airport is 2.5 hours by Continue reading



London Heathrow based Fly UK Virtual Airways (UKV/Skyways) launched updated schedules for their Mainstream division last week. The schedule update sees a complete review of aircraft basing and the route network which now sees the airline flying a fleet of 186 aircraft to 224 destinations from 9 UK bases.

CEO Richard Jones comments “We have aimed to bring a greater degree of realism to our route network whilst at the same time trying to ensure there is a good selection and variety of routes available.”

Key features of the new schedule include:
- Frequent flights to winter favourites such as Innsbruck and Chambery. Innbruck is daily from Continue reading!

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