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I will be undergoing surgery tomorrow on my arm.  I will be out for an undetermined amount of time.  Please understand that all submissions will be waiting in my email inbox until I will be able to login and get to them.  It may be a week or so.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  I am committed and dedicated to getting your news out there,  I just may be out of it for a bit.

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Announcing the USA Virtual Air Mobility Command

USAvAMC was founded in April of 2009 as Virtual Military Airlift Command. But do to a conflict with the acronym being used by someone else we decided to restructure the whole program.

If you enjoy flying USAF aircraft and your looking for a program which is not burden with structure, training, check rides and VATSIM requirement then stop by and check us out. It’s all about fun, not a part time job.


Virtual ValuJet Airlines to hit 2010 with a BANG!

Virtual ValuJet Airlines has been providing passengers with low-cost, domestic travel since December of 2009. With feedback from customers and staff, VVA will be rolling out a new website, operating procedures, fleet, and new domestic & international travel destinations. These changes will be taking affect in the coming months. The company will be expanding it’s fleet to include the following type categories:

CATI Base Operations -> Beechcraft 1900
CATII Regional Operations -> Embraer 145
CATIII Mainline Domestic Operations -> McDonnell Douglas DC-9
CATIV Mainline International Operations -> Boeing 737-500 Continue reading


Air21 Virtual Airlines Announces Opening Date

This week Air21 Virtual Airlines announced it’s opening, scheduled for March 4, 2010. The retro styled airline based on the real world Air21 features the routes and livery from 1996/1997, the years the real world Air21 was in operation. Award winning pilot and long time Air Fresno VA CEO Peter McKay, along with his daughter Sarah, put the airline together over the last 18 months, researching and contacting former staff to make the virtual airline as authentic as possible. From the Project Fokker F28-4000 aircraft to the actual published timetable, everything is there. Also in the planning is a contemporary take on the airline, scheduled for sometime this summer, that will share the same website. The modern Air21 will use the Project Opensky CRJ-200 and some of the same routes from the 1996 timetable.

Air21 can be found at


Canadian Xpress January Fly-In – Kai Tak

Canadian Xpress® would like to invite all pilots to join us on January 23rd where we will go back in time to fly The most dangerous approach that ever existed: The KAI TAK checkered board approach!

Departing from Manila in the Philippines, we will head north to Hong Kong, and with weather conditions permitting, we will fly the IGS Rwy 13 checkered board approach in Kai Tak.

This is an open invitation to all pilots no matter what your flying experience to attend this Canadian Xpress® sponsored event that will be flown on the Vatsim network. Continue reading


TNT Virtual Announces New Events and HR Department Managers

Liege, Belgium- We at TNT Virtual Airways are happy to announce the following :

-  Mr. Hendrik-Jan Van Leeuwen agreed to fulfill the task as ‘Events Manager’.  From now on, he will organize and take care about the events that take place at/by TNT Virtual Airways

-  Mr. Maurice Geraads will take care of the ‘Human Resources Department’.  Registration, administration, etc. will be handled by him.

-  A job as ‘Asian Region Manager’ is to become vacant.  This manager has the task to introduce our VA to the Asian community Continue reading


American Airways Announces Vatsim Event

American Airways is hosting New York to Chicago on VATSIM December 29 at 10am PST!! All American Airways pilots that fly will get 2000v$ for this flight!!! So sign up to day, please RSVP by sending a e-mail to! Thanks

-American Airways Management!
Ada Erzurumlu
CEO of American Airways


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