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Caal Airways Monthly Update for June 2014


Another great month has passed for Caal airways with 6 new pilots joining our ranks. 60 Pilot Awards were also handed out for the month. 134 flights covering 99,600 miles and over 280 were recorded by our pilots. Our latest edition of Clover Flight Magazine is now available foe viewing on the link below:

Caalair is considering an expansion into Oceania with a hub possibly in Australia. If you are in this region and are considering a VA, then please feel free to visit our site and join up. If you like the idea of flying around AU and NZ or maybe even Asia Pacific, please express your interest to the Media Director on the site. The more interest the more chance it will become a reality.

Come and join us and fly “The Way Flight Should Be”


Caal Airways Monthly Update for May 2014


Welcome to the Caalair update for May. It has been another great month for us at Caal Airways. We welcomed 3 new pilots to the ranks and have already posted flights on the board. An event  from Dublin to Manchester was held on Vatsim and was well received by those that attended. Good news also for the fleet as a couple of old favorites were returned to active service, the MD11 and an EMB170.  A total of 86 flights were flown which covered 60169 Miles. Our screenshot competition for the monthly magazine cover produced some excellent pictures, some of which have been placed into the mag. The staff at Caalair thank all their pilots and welcome the new recruits and look forward to a great month in May.

Please check out our latest edition of “CLOVER FLIGHT MAGAZINE” on the link below:

Caal Airways Monthly Update for April 2014


It has been about six months since the last release of “Clover Flight Magazine” and the airline has seen many changes. Many new pilots have joined our ranks. Also some pilots have taken the opportunity to become P1 and P2 rated pilots with our Vatsim training. We welcome all our new pilots and congratulate our Trained ones. Sadly some bad news, Due to lack of revenue and increasing running costs, Our FAJS Hub in South Africa had to be disbanded and the aircraft utilized on other routes. The airline still services SA. with all routes still in service but flown on a “as required ” basis. Stansted has also seen some changes and all passenger flight have been cancelled. Mail flights will continue and a new heavy haulage aircraft has been employed to cater for the new operations. The combining of our two hubs in Ireland into one district has proven to be a winner with many new flights now available, both short and long haul. Fleet changes have been made with some aircraft being retired and some into storage or kept for parts. I have no doubt we will be seeing some more modern aircraft in the future. Caal Airways is a growing virtual airline and is always on the lookout for prospective pilots. Why not come and visit us and take the next step and start your career with us.

Caal Airways Monthly Update for September 2013

Another successful month for Caal Airways. Our Pilot Training Director Zack Millar has secured our P2 Vatsim . Zack has put in a lot of time preparing documents and training aids and then completed an audit by Vatsim that now enables us to train, examine and award P2 Vatsim.

We also had 5 new pilots join our ranks and they have started accumulating their hours. We are currently ranked 78 at VA Central and climbing month by month.

Our latest edition of Clover Flight can be viewed at

The future is looking great for Caal Airways and anyone looking for a Virtual Career with a fun and friendly Virtual Airline should visit and sign up.

Caal Airways Monthly Update for June 2013

On the 20th August Caal Airways will be 2 years old. We will be holding an event using our newest hub EIDW and one of our original hubs EGSS. This event will be on Vatsim and pilots are requested to book their slot in the events section of the website. Pilots who do not fly online are also most welcome to join us on the Teamspeak Server and fly offline using Kacars. A schedule will be added for each offline pilot. All pilots flying online can log onto Vatsim using their NIR ID. Any questions please feel to contact me or your Ops Manager.

Our latest magazine can be found at

Caal Airways Monthly Update for March 2013

Caal Airways has had a great March. The first of March seen the launch of its new website. An easy to navigate and easy on the eye site that has gone down well with it’s pilots. There has also been 6 new pilots join the VA and they have starting logging pireps immediately. We also had the best month for logged flights since our formation back in August 2011.

Another one of our members Toby Caswell has qualified as an S1 controller on Vatsim so well done to him. We held an event on Vatsim to celebrate our new website which was a complete success. It took the form off an online flight from EIDW to EGPF and Vatsim provided full ATC for the complete event.
The future is looking good for Caal Airways and we invite anyone, experienced or not to visit our website and think seriously about joining our wonderful VA.

The latest edition of Clover can be view at


Caal Airways Monthly Update for February 2013

Caal Airways has started the new year well. The VA was downsized slightly closing 2 hubs in the USA and 1 hub in S Africa. These hubs were not proving popular so we came to a decision to concentrate on our hubs that were popular. We have seen a few new pilots joining our ranks which is great to see and a steady amount of pireps being filed.

A new pilot training manager has been appointed and he is Z Millar and already he has been improving documents relating to our P1 course for Vatsim.
Our latest newsletter can be viewed at
We are half way through our 2nd year of operations and the future is looking good with our dedicated staff team and loyal pilots.

Please visit our website to find out more.


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