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Caal Airways Monthly Magazine for December 2012

Another great month for Caal Airways. Our Va is becoming more successful month by month. Please click on the link to view our December Magazine


Caal Airways Monthly Report for October 2012

October was a great month for Caal Airways again. The Va continues to grow from strength to strength. The biggest news is that Caal has been granted official ATO status at Vatsim and is now allowed to train, examine and upgrade pilots to P1 Status. This will be open to anyone who wishes although pilots will need to join Caal to be able to access the material.

All our news can be seen in our monthly magazine which can be found at


Caal Airways Monthly Report for September 2012

What a fantastic month for Caal Airways. We had the highest amount of pireps recorded for the 2nd month running. Our fleet manager Brian Mason has designed a new livery and has 90% of the fleet repainted.  This brings me onto the next milestone. Our first edition of Clover Flight was puiblished and a picture of the new livery can be seen there.  Our magazine is public and can be viewed at

All the months stats can also be viewed in the magazine. Caal Airways is expanding month by month and the future looks very bright.


Caal Airways Monthly Report for August 2012

Well another month has passed and what a month it was.  We held our first birthday event which went well although I would have liked a few more pilots to join in, but it was still a good night anyway.

Our figures are impressive for August. We recorded 126 pireps which is the highest monthly count Caal Airways has ever had , so well done for that. We had 6 new pilots join our ranks who are all very welcome indeed.  Congratulations to Mike Bow who had the highest number of flights which was 46.  Well done Mike.

There are still a few staff positions to fill. One which I am eager to fill is the Clover Flight Editor.  A pilot has expressed an interest in this position, but I am open to  all volunteers as I would like to get this monthly magazine up and running.

Brian has been working hard in the respray hanger and a few new aircraft has been released.  Thanks to him for his continued help and his secretive ways :)

I will finish now by thanking you all for your continued support and lets have another successful year as we build Caal Airways and make it one of the best Virtual Airlines on the web.

Visit Caal Airways online at:


Caal Airways Celebrates 1st Birthday with VATSIM Event

To mark the 1st birthday of Caal Airways we will fly from Gatwick-Glasgow-Aldergrove on Vatsim.The schedules that need to be used are NIR1001 and NIR1011. Pilots that do not fly online can also join in using our teamspeak server. The event will take place on the 17/08/12 starting at 1800 local Uk Time. I would encourage as many pilots to attend to celebrate our first year of operations. If enough interest is shown I will be able to request full ATC for us. Please sign up for the event in the Events Section under the Resources Tab and book your slot. Hope to see you all there and maybe bring a friend also. This event will also be advertised on Vatsim and Vroute. Any aircraft may be used. Lets hear the CLOVER callsign echo around Continue reading


Caal Airways Virtual Monthly Update for June 2012

Time once again for my monthly report. June was a good month considering some pilots were on holiday and some were doing exams. Our Va central rank moved up and down slightly throughout the month but this is to be expected as we are now up among the most active Va’ and it now becomes harder to improve the ratings.

We recorded 108 pireps and had 4 new pilots join our ranks. Congratulations must go to our UK Ops Manager Jack Boyle who recorded the best landing with a -3fpm landing rate and also to John Hodder who had the most flights with a total of 31 pireps. Well done to both of you.

The website had some improvments made with the most noticeable being that when a new pilot joins he is automatically registered in the forum.

Zack the Ireland Hub Captain is trying to organise an event called a tour of Ireland. I would appeal to you all to support him in this by signing up when it is released as it would be great to improve our community and this is one way of doing it with us all flying together.

It is also approaching our 1ST birthday and I would like some ideas of a way in which we could celebrate this. Please email or airmail me with your suggestions.

I will finish my report by thanking you all for your continued support and for keeping our VA one of the best to be a member of.

Alan Cooke
CEO Caal Airways


Caal Airways Virtual Monthly Update for May 2012

A lot has happened at Caal in the month of May. The website has had a major update and has new features added ,including a new stats centre and a timetable. Also when a flight is logged or a new pilot joins it is automatically tweeted on our Twitter.

Our Va central rank went down a couple of places but we are still in a good position in the top 100 VA’s. We logged 77 flights and 8 new pilots joined . Very good figures indeed. Our pilots have also been busy in the control towers on Vatsim with some gaining their GND S1
qualification. I have qualified as a P1 Mentor so can now train pilots officially to fly on Vatsim.

The new management structure is firmly in place but we still require 3 hub Captains. The USA and South Africa is still under represented so all resources should go into helping the respective Ops Managers recruit some pilots.

All in all a good month for the VA lets hope June will be another good month as we get closer to our first birthday.

Thank you for your continued support.

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