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Coastal Horizons Airways Looking for Qualified Staff

LAS VEGAS-Coastal Horizons Airways is actively seeking qualified staff members who have previous VA and/or real world experience who would like to join a Las Vegas based leisure destination airline that strives for realistic operations and an energetic atmosphere.

Coastal Horizons Airways currently has 11 aircraft that consists of Airbus A319/A320/A321 aircraft used for our domestic and Mexico operations and one ETOPS equipped Boeing 757 used primarily for our Hawaii operations. We currently serve 23 destinations and are looking to acquire Embraer 190 series aircraft in the future for our west coast based Coastal ConXions division.

We are currently hiring for the following positions: Continue reading


Coastal Horizons Virtual Airways Opens

Las Vegas, NV- Coastal Horizons Virtual Airways (CHZ) has just launched as of February 20th and is currently accepting applications in preparation for its domestic and soon-to-be international flying. Pilots with experience on the Airbus A320-series aircraft and the Boeing 757 are desired, however pilots of all experience levels are warmly welcomed. Aviation enthusiasts from all ends of the spectrum and invited to become a part of CHZ and help us grow.

CHZ is currently looking for ambitious and qualified individuals to fill several key roles within the airline. Current flight and operational staff positions include:

  • Flight Crew – Virtual pilots with experience on the Airbus A320 series of aircraft and the Boeing 757. There is no hour requirement or prerequisite for flying with Coastal Horizons, and pilots of all experience levels are welcome. We will transfer 90% of previous VA hours, with the 10% reduction representing retraining and familiarization hours. Continue reading

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