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Era America Announces Incentive Plan for New Pilots

Era America Airlines has been at a halt in pilot growth recently and has decided to offer an incentive for pilots to join the company.  This new incentive should help the growth of the company, and with company growth new routes will emerge.  The new incentive is as follows: ‘For every pilot that joins Era America during the month of February, they will be given 8 free hours upon completion of their first flight with the company.  This would only require the pilot to fly about two CityLink (Era America’s express company) flights before being promoted into the Era America Main Fleet with the Boeing 737-800 to the Boeing 747-400 or Boeing 777-200.

Era America also announced that upon the company reaching 10 pilots they will be introducing a new extension of the company which includes three aircraft, a new hub, and over 10 new cities.  Also upon passing 10 pilots, Era America will be introducing two new Main Line aircraft, as well as over 20 new routes.

So what are you waiting for?  Join Era America today!

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