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Missouri Xpress Jet

Missouri Xpress Jet Charters Begins Recruitment Drive

Jefferson City, Missouri -  Missouri Xpress Jet is opening its doors to potential pilots and is now accepting pilot applications.

Missouri Xpress Jet is a new charter service that serves business travelers throughout the world. The mission of Missouri Xpress Jet is to advance virtual corporate aviation through enhancing the experience of the pilot. With our belief in the spirit and freedom of flight, we strive to provide a realistic community open to pilots and enthusiasts of all backgrounds and experience levels. Missouri Xpress Jet is committed to offering our pilots a professional experience enabling them to fly anywhere in the world. Using an ACARS system that is second to none we offer a virtual charter experience unlike any other. Missouri Xpress Jet is based out of Jefferson City, Missouri with a second crew-base in Mesa, Arizona. Flying the Embraer Phenom 100, Citation XLS+, Citation X. Embraer Legacy 600, BBJ2 and BBJ3.

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