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Virgin America Commences Operations

Virgin America Virtual Airlines officially opened its doors. The founders, Melinda and Lloyd, started this airline together with a vision of bringing a fresh VA to the West Coast. Continue reading


Eurobelgian Airlines launched

After months of preparatory work, the new Eurobelgian Holding has started operations today.

Flanders Airlines, founded in 2006 has been asked to join the GlobalOne alliance. To meet with the targets of this alliance, the parent company of Flanders Airlines, the ACBA Group, has decided to reintegrate the airline inside a new holding.

The result of this decision can be found in the “Eurobelgian Holding”. The holding company will comprise two airlines: the existing, but changed Flanders Airlines and a new airline, named Eurobelgian Airlines.
Although both airlines are seen as two separated airlines, they will work under one AOC. This will result in one commercial website, one crew list and an extended cooperation. It can be seen as Flanders Airlines would be a franchise airline of Eurobelgian airlines with conservation of its own identity. Continue reading


Eskimo VA revealed

A deal has been reached between two high profile VATSIM members regarding the development of an “Eskimo VA”. The project has been under lock and key for a couple of weeks however, some information has been provided from an unknown senior staff member.

“Eskimo VA will model the real world operations of Alaska Airlines. At this point in time we have not publicly released a timetable for development.” stated the senior staff member.  Eskimo VA is predicted to become a Seattle-based carrier that collectively serves more than 70 destinations in the Western U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

We will follow this airline closely and publish more news about this new airline as it comes available.


Bourne Aviation adds 2 more airlines to its alliance

Bourne Aviation announced today two more airlines have been added to the group, bringing the total number of airlines to sixteen.

Both Virtual South African Airways and Virtual Scandinavian Airlines have been added and will be simulating the operations of their real-world counterparts.

Continue reading


Worldflex Express to commence operations Q4 2008

Charlotte, North Carolina based Worldflex Express have confirmed it will open by the end of 2008. The regional airline, with destinations to US cities such as Nashville, Atlanta and Miami will use a fleet of Bombardier Regional Jets 900′s and Embraer 145′s. Continue reading


Virtual Aerolineas Argentinas now operational

As announced earlier by Bourne Aviation management, Virtual Aerolineas Argentinas is now operational. This VA will be managed by Remy Attig who has done the first flight of VAR from SBGR to SAEZ flying AR1249. Continue reading


Trafalgar Air Charter has open management position

Trafalgar Air Charter is a new VA looking for a person to take the position of partner to help run and progress this brand new VA.

“Trafalgar Air is not a clean shaven and crisp white shirts type of VA. In fact, we do not own any aircraft! Instead we ask pilots to use their own aircraft to complete the flights of our customers, ” a company spokesman said. Continue reading


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