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FlyEos Looking to Hire Boeing 737 Chief Pilot

FORT LAUDERDALE — Boeing 737 Chief Pilot

At this time FlyEos Virtual Airlines is accepting applications for the position of Boeing 737 Chief Pilot. All applicants must meet the policies outlined in our current standard operating procedures. Previous experience is strongly preferred but not considered an absolute requirement. Below is a brief job description for the position. Applications will be accepted until a candidate is hired.


The Boeing 737 Chief Pilot develops manuals, handbooks, check rides and the training program for the Boeing 737.  The Boeing 737 Chief Pilot works alongside the VP of Pilot Training to implement new initiatives and challenges for FlyEos pilots.


Michael Schwartz, VP Human Continue reading


Trafalgar Air Charter has open management position

Trafalgar Air Charter is a new VA looking for a person to take the position of partner to help run and progress this brand new VA.

“Trafalgar Air is not a clean shaven and crisp white shirts type of VA. In fact, we do not own any aircraft! Instead we ask pilots to use their own aircraft to complete the flights of our customers, ” a company spokesman said. Continue reading


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