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Fort Lauderdale, FL February 17th, 2011 – Fort Lauderdale based FlyEOS has announced that it will start recruiting first officers for its Embraer 145XR’s and its Boeing 737’s starting February 18th.  The announcement comes after the airline gained approval from the FAA to start scheduled air carrier operations.

During a celebration at FlyEOS headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Zeke Elias, the CEO, gave a speech, thanking all the employees for their hard work and congratulating them for this huge initial success. “FlyEOS is studying different options for expansion and growth everyday, looking at new markets, aircraft and services”   Stated Mr. Elias.

At this time, FlyEOS would like to invite all prospective candidates to access our website ( and submit their application after 11:59PM on Friday, February 17th, 2012. Available Management positions will be posted on the website too, and qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

About Us: FlyEOS Airlines (ICAO: ESS, IATA: E0, Call-Sign: “New Dawn”) operates as a FAA part 121 scheduled air carrier serving leisure and business destinations out of our Fort Lauderdale International Airport (ICAO:KFLL) hub along with on-demand charter services throughout the world. FlyEOS currently has 8 aircraft consisting of 2 Embraer 145XR’s, 3 Boeing 737-700’s, 2 Boeing 737-800 and a single Boeing 737-900. FlyEOS conducts its flying solely on Continue reading


FlyEos Looking to Hire Boeing 737 Chief Pilot

FORT LAUDERDALE — Boeing 737 Chief Pilot

At this time FlyEos Virtual Airlines is accepting applications for the position of Boeing 737 Chief Pilot. All applicants must meet the policies outlined in our current standard operating procedures. Previous experience is strongly preferred but not considered an absolute requirement. Below is a brief job description for the position. Applications will be accepted until a candidate is hired.


The Boeing 737 Chief Pilot develops manuals, handbooks, check rides and the training program for the Boeing 737.  The Boeing 737 Chief Pilot works alongside the VP of Pilot Training to implement new initiatives and challenges for FlyEos pilots.


Michael Schwartz, VP Human Continue reading


FlyEos Now Hiring for Staff Positions

FlyEOS Virtual is pleased to announce upcoming vacancies. At this time FlyEOS virtual is planning on opening its doors in early 2012. It is our goal at FlyEOS to simulate realistic PART121 air carrier operations, offering our pilots dispatch releases, ACARS, flight booking, training and the most professional community around.

At this time FlyEOS Virtual is looking to fill the following two staff positions: Boeing 737 Chief Pilot and IT Assistant. The job descriptions are as follows:

IT Assistant
Develops and maintains the IT services at FlyEOS. Candidate must be very familiar with PHP and HTML code. Creating webpages and designing modules for FlyEOS will be the main priority for this position.

Boeing 737 Chief Pilot
Develop manuals, handbooks, check Continue reading


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