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FlyEos Now Hiring for Staff Positions

FlyEOS Virtual is pleased to announce upcoming vacancies. At this time FlyEOS virtual is planning on opening its doors in early 2012. It is our goal at FlyEOS to simulate realistic PART121 air carrier operations, offering our pilots dispatch releases, ACARS, flight booking, training and the most professional community around.

At this time FlyEOS Virtual is looking to fill the following two staff positions: Boeing 737 Chief Pilot and IT Assistant. The job descriptions are as follows:

IT Assistant
Develops and maintains the IT services at FlyEOS. Candidate must be very familiar with PHP and HTML code. Creating webpages and designing modules for FlyEOS will be the main priority for this position.

Boeing 737 Chief Pilot
Develop manuals, handbooks, check rides and the training program for the Boeing 737. Will be working alongside the VP of Pilot Training to implement new initiatives and challenges for the pilots.

To apply please send us a resume or inquire for more information at:


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