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Announcing Royal Canadian – “Canada’s New Favourite”


We’re pleased to announce Royal Canadian virtual airlines, “Canada’s new favourite”. Our goal is to bring the best of management, fleet, and technology together to create what is essentially the ultimate virtual airline experience. Please “like” and “follow” us on Facebook (we’re working on a website) for news and updates on the progress of our new virtual airline.

Below is a map of our planned routes so far. We will be adding many more Continue reading


Flycatcher Aviation Commences Operations


The skies over Oklahoma will see more commercial airline traffic, as Flycatcher Aviation has started flying charter and on-demand cargo routes throughout the state.  The Oklahoma City-based airline operates a fleet of two aircraft: a Cessna 340A and a Cessna 208 Cargomaster.  Flycatcher has secured a contract flying machine parts from Oklahoma City to the Oklahoma pandhandle using the Cessna 208.  Charter flights for up to five passengers to are able to be scheduled with less than 24 hours of notice.

The airline is a family company – and has a staff of two pilots (who happen to Continue reading


aeroJet VA Launches Operations

ajvalogoA brand new low-cost Virtual Airline has formally launched operations the week of March 7th.

aeroJet VA will mirror the real-world operations of a successful U.K low-cost operator , and aims to fly 220 airbus A319 and A320 series aircraft on over 700 routes across 30 countries in and around Europe. This will trigger a significant recruitment drive for the VA. Continue reading


Announcing Britannia Airways Virtual


Britannia Airways Virtual has started operations from 3 Hubs in the UK.  These are Manchester, London Gatwick and London Luton.  Britannia Airways fly’s a fleet of Boeing 737-800, 767-300 and Airbus A320.  We fly to various locations in Europe including: Alicante, Lanzarote and Zurich.  We also have a charter system so if you have a favorite route then you can fly it with Britannia Airways aircraft.

We fly on the Vatsim network as this makes the simulator experience more realistic, but you can also fly offline.


Announcing Kestrel Virtual

Welcome to Kestrel Virtual. We strive to mimic the operations of Thomas Cook to bring you the ultimate flight simulator experience. Flying with us is much better than flying on your own, as you will be surrounded by like minded people with a love for aviation. We hold lots of events such as the VA Events and Hubs Events even occasional events too, We fly Offline, Vatsim & Ivao


Check Kestrel Virtual out online @


Announcing LUV SWA Virtual


LUVSWA is a virtual airline for users of FS9 and FSX, on the networks of IVAO and VATSIM. LUVSWA Virtual offers a virtual flying experience for pilots who wish to be part of an organization which is fun and simultaneously gives you the feeling of being part of an airline environment.  The most important aim of LUV SWA Virtual is providing the most realistic virtual air service. If you are ready for that low cost feeling, LUV is for you, this is your VA!  Welcome to our family.

LUVSWA is now hiring for STAFF and PILOT positions!

Apply today!


Introducing Eagle Airways Virtual


Eagle Airways is a fictional airline for FS2004 and FSX. The goal of Eagle Airways is to provide a realistic, fun, caring, and passionate environment for our pilots and staff. Eagle Airways began with the planning stages in August 2013 and officially launched March 21, 2014. We support flights on the vatsim network or via our smart cars acars system. Our Fleet Consists Of Boeing 737-800 and 900   Eagle Airways has a main hub at the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport (KCLE) in Cleveland, Ohio

We are recruiting pilots and staff Come Join us


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