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Hawaiian Virtual Airlines Partners with Oakland ARTCC

Honolulu, Hawaii – Hawaiian Virtual Airlines (HAL) announces the beginning of a strategic partnership with the Oakland ARTCC. This collaboration will is the first of this kind for the young Hawaiian airlines and considered to be a major milestone and achievement.

The initiation event took place this passed Saturday at the “West Coast Scramble” event organized by Oakland ARTCC. Hawaiian pilots participated in never before seen numbers and filled all the schedules services into and out of KSFO, KOAK and KSJC airports with trans-oceanic flights originating in Honolulu International (PHNL). Continue reading


AeroTexas Expands All-Weather Cargo Operations – Partners with FourFlights

AeroTexas Aviation has expanded operations with a new cargo service.  Through an exclusive  partnership with, the airline expands cargo operations with flight assignments to Part 139 airports with prevailing IFR conditions. Continue reading


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