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Strategic Air Mobility Command Announces Recruitment Drive

SAMC is holding an open house for new recruits. Recent restructuring of two commands has led to a very successful program and active program that has taken us from a VA Central rating of 76 to 54 as of this writing. SAMC is a US Air Force Simulation built around the Air Mobility Command. SAMC Supports full time pilots and Air National Guard units. ANG, is basically for those who are restricted to weekends do to other VA Commitments.

If you are interested in supplementing your commercial flying our doors are open to the public. We don’t hide anything, you may view the entire site, all tabs are open.

Link to our Crew Guide:

Link to our News Paper:

Link to our Uniform Jackets (Typical member):

Link to our Video’s:

There is so much SAMC has to offer that it is not possible to list them in this writing. You won’t find a stiff hierarchical organization here. We do have people “in charge” but their role is more to help the other pilots, keep the website and stuff working and to keep what we call “the game” on track. Pilots will also have ranks awarded to them. These ranks are solely meant as a means of tracking your progress. They do not represent any sort of authority. There is no VATSIM requirement mainly because VATSIM forbids flying in a war zone and most of our mission based activity is in the Mid Continue reading


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