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Simulated FedEx Now Open

MEMPHIS – Simulated FedEx is an extraordinary virtual air cargo carrier that plans to change the way you fly cargo. We plan to take the typical boring flight and turn it into a fun and realistic experience for each pilot. The staff at Simulated FedEx are dedicated to making a virtual cargo carrier that will truly change the shape of the virtual cargo industry.

We offer pilots the chance to interact with other pilots and staff during each flight. The ability for pilots to interact with their cargo has finally become possible as well. Pilots will be able to load cargo into their aircraft via our custom ACARS program. Upon loading their cargo, pilots will be able select and dispatch their flights in real time.

Simulated FedEx offers a unique web site design unlike anything seen before. Pilots will feel a sense of ease and professionalism every time they visit our web site. We want to make sure each pilot enjoys their experience, and that they are able to interact with us to obtain complete satisfaction with our operations.
At this time, we are interviewing for staff positions. We request, but do not require, previous VA or VAC management experience.

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