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SparkJet Virtual Airlines Set to Open Doors Feb. 1st

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, — SparkJet Virtual CEO Zeke Elias has announced that SparkJet will be opening it’s doors and accepting applications starting on February 1st, 2013. “We’ve been hard at work for the past year to make this possible, all the aircraft are ready, the manuals are all approved by the FAA and we have received permission from the DOT for our current and future expansion routes. We are bringing a new Spark into the virtual skies and we are sure our customers and employees will love it!” said Mr. Elias when interviewed about the upcoming opening.

SparkJet Virtual will accept applications for both Crew Members and Staff Positions starting February 1st and encourages everyone who is interested to take a look at their Careers page. SparkJet Virtual aims to become a leading Virtual Airline through their sophisticated ACARS system, realistic Dispatch Operations Center, simulated financials and the experience of the management team which consists of real-life pilots with inside knowledge of the airline industry.

“This is a great new era for Virtual Airlines, We hope we Spark your imagination!” said Mr. Elias after encouraging any questions or comments to his personal email “We have an open-door policy and would love everyone and anyone to tell us what they think”

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SparkJet Virtual Airline (ICAO: SPK, IATA: SK, Call-Sign: Spark) operates as an FAA part 121 scheduled air carrier serving leisure and Continue reading


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