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Lynx Airways Worldwide Sky Blue Radio VA Of The Year

On Sunday January 22nd, Sky Blue Radio was honored to select Lynx Airways Worldwide as the first recipient of the Sky Blue Radio VA of the Year. “Lynx Airways Worldwide has been in existence for almost 20 years and exemplifies the spirit of community that Sky Blue Radio wishes to celebrate.” said station manager Jeff “JT” Turner.

Entries from 17 other virtual airlines made the selection difficult. The judges panel consisting of Sky Blue Radio staff and listeners brought a list of who they felt represented community. Each list was comprised of their selections and was varied, but Lynx was on everyone’s list of finalists.

On hearing of their selection Ivan Rivas, CEO of Lynx said, “I am very honored by your selection of Lynx Airways Worldwide as VA of the Year.” As Sky Blue Radio’s VA of the Year, Lynx will become a large part of the Sky Blue Radio family throughout the coming year.

Sky Blue Radio wishes to thank all those VA’s that submitted entries to the contest and to those VA’s that promoted their organization on the Sky Blue Radio airwaves. It was such a huge success that Sky Blue Radio will be offering anther VA Days weekend sooner rather than waiting until next year. Please keep your eyes peeled for another VA Days weekend in the coming months.

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Moncton FIR Confederat​ion Bridge Crossing

The Confederation Bridge is an 8 mile bridge connecting Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick and mainland Canada.

Moncton/Gander FIR invite all pilots to join them on Saturday, May 28th between 19h00edt (23h00z) & 23h00edt (03h00z) on the VATSIM network for a crossing of the Bridge. Charlottetown Airport (CYYG), Moncton (CYQM), as well as Fredericton (CYFC) will all be staffed, so come fly in and out of these airports and have a great night!


Canadian Xpress April Fly-In: From a Mile-High to the Des

Canadian Xpress® would like to invite all pilots to join us for our April Fly-In where we will depart from Denver Colorado, the Mile-High City, to Las Vegas Nevada, the Entertainment Capital of the World, to finally end our journey in the desert surrounding Tucson Arizona, home of the Optics Valley and famous aircraft bone yards.

There is a lot of beautiful Free photo scenery for those areas. So pack up your simulator with them and join us for tons of fun!

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IVAO UK – Real Heathrow – 9th April 2011

IVAO UK are proud to present the UK’s biggest airport and the world’s busiest international airport, fully staffed for an event you will never forget.

Hundreds of real flights ranging from short domestic flights to international long hauls are available for you to book at Heathrow during this epic 6 hour event.

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VATSIM Friday Night Ops in Hawaii *THIS FRIDAY* 2/11 0100-0400Z

Honolulu is going to be holding the Friday Night Ops event THIS FRIDAY the 11th, which will run from 0100 to 0400Z.  Instead of focusing on just one or two major airports, we are going to be lighting up the entire island chain with staffing for all fields.. even the little VFR pineapple strips.  While it’s not firm yet, we are looking for support from the Oakland center with Oakland Radio (Pacific Oceanic) coverage from the west coast to give pilots non-stop ATC from the west coast to the islands, and back.

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Moncton FIR Announces 2011 Canada Games Fly In At CYHZ

The 2011 Canada Games are coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia and in honor of the games, Moncton FIR will be hosting a fly-in at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport (CYHZ) on the VATSIM network and will be open from 23h00Z-02h00Z on Saturday, February 12th. All inbound & outbound traffic is welcome so come and root on your favorite Province!

See you on February 12th!


Website Status and Site Rebranding

  I wanted to take the time to thank all who have wished me well on my surgery in comments and all the emails I have received.  They were definitely appreciated and helped keep my spirits high during my recovery.  My recovery took longer than anticipated but my arm is much better. :)   Thanks to everyone for their patience and support during my downtime..

Now for the real news of the day!  As you can see from the logo above, VAFlash will be undergoing a transformation of sorts.  The whole site will be redesigned and launched within a couple/few weeks.  I will also be expanding the VaFlash staff from one to many!  In addition to expanding beyond a one man shop, we will also be expanding VAFlash to include hardware and software reviews, editorials, and basically everything and anything related to Flight Simulation.  This has been in the plans for quite some time but was delayed due to multiple reasons.

Look for more information to come within the following days and weeks! :)

Best Regards,
Lindle Romero


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