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Flock-Air First VA with FSX Mission

Flock-Air ( has published their own FSX Training Mission available to their members for free download. This stems from large numbers of requests for Training and Certification from its pilot base. Flock-Air Management has developed special training lessons for their members, creating FSX missions for single player.

Pilots can train on their own in single player mode progressing through the different training levels untill they are able to correctly run through the checklists. In this way they are able to share knowledge within the entire pilot base and can also run the procedure as often as needed in a safe environment out of the dangers of online (multiplayer) traffic. After pilots feel competent enough, running the official Flock-Air Training Test headed by the Flock-Air Instructors, they can engage in checkrides and are officially able to earn certification on a number of levels. Starting at the Basics of ILS Landings, Flock-Air has also developed challenges for “Pro-Pilots” who can learn how to react correctly in the event of unexpected emergencies.

This aspect of FSX is a first for a virtual airline and Flock-Air expects this specific service may be adopted by other airlines as well. This opens up new, exciting possibilities for creating training tools for Flock-Air members as well as FSX enthusiasts the world over!


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