TAROM Virtual Airlines Now Accepting New Pilot Applications

Positions: First Officer on ATR42-500 and ATR72-500
                         Direct Entry Captain ATR42-500 and ATR72-500.
Locations: LROP – Otopeni, Bucharest – Romania
                          LRCL – Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest – Romania
Requirements: – Must be older than 13 years old
             – Must be a open minded person who enjoys virtual flying
             – If applying for Direct Entry Captain must have at least 10 hours of flying with another VA that can verify it. After submiting the application Send an email to Alin FUSARU at
             – Having an VATSIM Certificate is not mandatory but recommended
             – Must have basic knowledges of english

About us:  TAROM VA started operations on the first of June 2007 and is the first and only virtual airline that mimics the Romanian carriers operations thru-out Europe and the Middle East. Located in the Eastern Europe, Romania offers beautiful landscapes, rich history and culture. Romanian aviation has as long of a history as aviation itself, starting with 1906 in Paris where Traian Vuia was the first to design and pilot a heavier-than-air flying machine able to take off without a catapult by entirely relying on it’s own engine. TAROM finds its roots as deep in the history as 1920, when the French-Romanian Company For Air Navigation (CFRNA) was founded. CFRNA was the first operative Trans-continental airline in the history of aviation!

The new application offers:
* pre-flight information with weight distribution, fuel, passengers, preffered route, altitude and aircraft history, weather and much more
* type ratings
* shared flights and type ratings with interContinental Airways and Hawaiian Virtual Airlines
* flight assignments
* Flight search
* Departures and arrivals for any airport
* Forums

Currently we have hubs in LROP and LRCL, however our route system includes many of the favourites worldwide destinations.

TaromVA opened its operations with some of the greatest achievent of the aviation’s history aircrafts. Part of our commitment to pilots, crew and passengers is to maintain the highest standards in our aircrafts flight readiness and maintenance. Our fleet is composed by state-of-the-art airplanes form Airbus, Boeing and ATR:

Airbus A318-111
Boeing 737-38J
Boeing 737-78J
Boeing 737-800
Airbus A310-325 (stored)

Our parner airline fleet includes: ATR 72-500, Canadair CRJ-200, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 767-300ER, Airbus A330-200, Boeing 717-200,

Pilots are free to fly any flights either on our or partner VA route system given they have the appropriate type ratings. Check

For more information visit

CEO TAROM Virtual Airlines


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