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TAROM Virtual Airlines

Tarom Virtual Airline Seeking to Hire Chief Training Pilots

TAROM Virtual Airlines is the only VA that mimics the Romanian carriers operations thru-out Europe and the Middle East. With the fleet: A310, A318, B733, B737, B738, AT5, AT7. We are hiring motivated and qualified individuals to join our team.

Training Chief Pilots Duties

  • to formulate an Operations News System that will keep all Operations personnel informed of current activities or changes.
  • is in charge of the standards of flight checks and training and monitor all flight checks being done.
  • is in charge of writing training manuals/materials Continue reading

TAROM Virtual Airlines Now Accepting New Pilot Applications

Positions: First Officer on ATR42-500 and ATR72-500
                         Direct Entry Captain ATR42-500 and ATR72-500.
Locations: LROP – Otopeni, Bucharest – Romania
                          LRCL – Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest – Romania
Requirements: – Must be older than 13 years old
             – Must be a open minded person who enjoys virtual flying
             – If applying for Direct Entry Captain must have at least 10 hours of flying with another VA that can verify it. After submiting the application Send an email to Alin FUSARU at Continue reading


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