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Eastern Airlines Virtual President Retires

Mark Garrity has retired from the position of President of Eastern Airlines Virtual.  Since he started with the airline in 2007, he has held many positions within the airline.  On October 10th, 2009 he became president.  Mark has been a key member of this airline to achieve many goals and objectives.  Now, due to real life issues, he has decided to retire.  He will remain with the airline and will still maintain a voice within our senior management team as time permits.  Thank you Mark for your hard work and dedication to keep Eastern Airlines Virtual running strong.

Jose Cordero has been promoted to President of Eastern Airlines Virtual.  Jose has been our Senior Vice President since July 2011 and has been with Eastern since September of 2008.  He has been an excellent addition to the Senior Management team.  Jose routinely has great ideas to keep pilots flying.  When I asked Jose what he hopes to achieve as president, he answered:

My main goal is to build a team of members that are going to continue working hard for this VA. I want Eastern Airlines Virtual to continue it’s great run as an online VA. The only way that this achievement is possible is by having the most committed team available. It’s obviously a difficult challenge because at any time, real world demands may pull members away but it’s a challenge I have to see through. More importantly, I hope to achieve new innovations that this VA, and possibly other VA’s, have yet to see. I want Eastern to be different not for the VA’s sake but for the Pilots. I went them to feel that this place is different, family-orientated, and committed to their enjoyment.

We wish Jose the best of luck in his new position.  Congratulations!!

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Virtual ValuJet Airlines names President

Virtual ValuJet Airlines named Chad Craig as their new President on Saturday, September 19, 2009.

“He just had the attitude and leadership skills to get the job done. With prior experience in virtual airline management, and a real world professional aviation resume, VVA would like to once again welcome Chad to the Virtual ValuJet family”,  said Chief Executive Officer Mike Crane.

VVA is still accepting applications for the following management positions:

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