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Virtual ValuJet Airlines names President

Virtual ValuJet Airlines named Chad Craig as their new President on Saturday, September 19, 2009.

“He just had the attitude and leadership skills to get the job done. With prior experience in virtual airline management, and a real world professional aviation resume, VVA would like to once again welcome Chad to the Virtual ValuJet family”,  said Chief Executive Officer Mike Crane.

VVA is still accepting applications for the following management positions:

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ValuJet Virtual Airlines seeking management team!

ValuJet Virtual Airlines is seeking a management team to recreate the real world operations of the former ValuJet Airlines in FS9 and FSX, using VATSIM. The Virtual Airline will feature:
- Fully functional website. (.com,.net)
- Fully operational fleet (DC-9) with FS9 & FSX.
- Professional PIREP and pilot management system.
- Weekly events.
- Management emails addresses.
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