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CityBird Virtual Airlines to Reopen

Brussels Belgium – Citybird Virtual Airlines (CTB) executives held their first press conference since the late spring today in Brussels announcing several new things at CTB VA. Chief Executive Officer Joeri Luckermans sadly informs us that the VA will reopen on the 5th of January 2011 with a fresh website, some new features and a new hub at KJFK Airport.
with the opening of this new hub we hope to become a stronger player on the American continent with flights across the US and Latin America, also with the opening of this hub we are going to discontinue the old A300 cargo planes and replace it with 2 new A330-200F aircrafts 1 for our home base Brussels and 1 at KJFK hoping we can start our cargo service through out the world CEO Joeri Luckermans commented. 

With the opening of the new website we also need some staff positions filled following positions are open.

-KJFK Hub manager.
-KJFK Routes manager.
-EBBR Hub Manager.
-citybird va Public Relations Director.

Joeri Luckermans
CEO Citybird Virtual Airlines


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  • roscoe says:

    Hi can you perhaps tel me is there a airline operating in the usa by the name” citybird smallplanet”

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