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CityBird Announcement

Brussels, Belgium -

Citybird CEO joeri Luckermans announced that as of last weekend we have opened a new hub at Cairo Intr Airport Egypt (HECA)  to connect Europe to Africa with daily connect flights from Brussels to Cairo and back.

At this moment we are re-locating our fleet in the US to our main base at Brussels for some upgrades.

our 737-800 and 767 fleet will be upgraded with blended winglets.

Some off the fleet will then be transferred to Cairo to provide short/long haul flights in Africa.

Citybird also made an order of 2 A319 for its Brussels hub via the AccessBelgium Group these carriers will be delivered in the Next couple of months.


CityBird Virtual Airlines Announcements

Brussels, Belgium – Citybird executives held their first meeting of the year. At the meeting the new website was presented to the board. Online Automated Operations System. Currently, over 20 functions available for pilots and managers. Only registered pilots are able to log-in, with exception of a flight search, available for the general public.

CEO Joeri Luckermans was proud to open the new hub at John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK). With this opening we are also proud to appoint Doug Fisher as the new JFK hub manager. Captain Fisher will be in charge of the daily  operations in the US . Continue reading


CityBird Virtual Airlines to Reopen

Brussels Belgium – Citybird Virtual Airlines (CTB) executives held their first press conference since the late spring today in Brussels announcing several new things at CTB VA. Chief Executive Officer Joeri Luckermans sadly informs us that the VA will reopen on the 5th of January 2011 with a fresh website, some new features and a new hub at KJFK Airport.
with the opening of this new hub we hope to become a stronger player on the American continent with flights across the US and Latin America, also with the opening of this hub we are going to discontinue the old A300 cargo planes and replace it with 2 new A330-200F aircrafts 1 for our home base Brussels and 1 at KJFK hoping we can start our cargo service Continue reading


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