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The stripes, bars, oak leaves, eagles and stars that are awarded in vUSAF tell us all in our organization

That we are a leader. Strong, positive leadership is crucial in the vUSAF and in other areas of our organization

that you may be interested in, and the rank that you earn illustrates visible symbols of leadership and authority that the vUSAF has placed on YOU!

But being a leader is just more than the rank that you earn. The lessons that you will learn in Vusaf will help you develop as an Officer .

So if you have the ability and desire to become a vUSAF Pilot and want to pass the essentials of leadership on to your fellow Pilots

Come and join our organization of the Vusaf for 2013 and help others as much as it will help you.



Ohio Express Releases News Brief for December 2012

Columbus, OH—  Ohio Express is offering exciting new express Miles promotions and a new featured destination. The follow details are listed below
Express Miles:

  • Earn 13,000 miles for flying in and out of IAD for a total of 26,000 bonus miles
  • Fly to any one of our Florida destinations and earn 10,000 miles each
  • Head out to Nantucket and earn 35,000 bonus miles while checking out the Holiday sights

Featured Destination:

This months featured destination is, Nantucket Massachusetts.  Nantucket can be reached by sea or by air. Nantucket is served by Nantucket Memorial Airport, a three-runway airport on the south side of the island. The airport, whose three call letters are ACK, is one of the busiest in the Commonwealth and often logs more take-offs and landings on a summer day than Boston’s Logan airport. This is due in part to the large number of private/corporate planes used by wealthy Continue reading


Frontier Virtual Now Open and Accepting Pilot Applications

Frontier Virtual would like to announce that its open to the public and accepting pilots.

About Frontier Virtual
Frontier Virtual (Radio Callsign: Frontier Flight IATA:F9 ICAO:FFT) Was Founded in the October 30th 2012. The purpose of Frontier Virtual is to simulate Frontier and Republic Airways Holdings in a fun and eventful environment.Frontier Airlines, is a United States low-cost airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indianapolis-based Republic Airways Holdings Inc, an airline holding company that also owns Chautauqua Airlines, Republic Airlines, and Shuttle America.Frontier Airlines has a code-share agreement with Great Lakes Airlines, the airline connects passengers to surrounding Rocky Mountain States.Frontier currently operates a fleet of 16 Airbus A320s, 37 Airbus A319s, and three Airbus A318s. Republic Airlines, operating for Frontier, flies a fleet of 16 Embraer E190s.Currently in its 18th year of operations, Frontier employs more than 5,500 aviation professionals and operates more than 350 daily flights.  Its primary hub is at the Denver International Airport. Frontier offers service to more than 80 destinations in the United States, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico.
Please vist us @

Ohio Express Airlines Now Hiring

Columbus, OH— it’s a great pleasure to announce, that Ohio Express Virtual Airlines is now hiring pilots and staff members. Our objective is to hire active and a close knit group of pilots to make this airline successful and expand beyond all expectations. Ohio Express is a professionally operated virtual Express air carrier, based in the U.S at Port Columbus International Airport

Ohio Express Airlines is looking for those pilots who want to get the most from their flight Sim experience, and also allows opportunities for advancement to management and a staff for aspiring pilots. If you’re looking for the challenge of flying for a devoted airline, to destinations across the mid-west and eastern U.S and few International destinations, and camaraderie of a group of pilots, visit us at and submit an application. If you want to apply for staff member position, please visit the staff page on the website to see our openings and send an email to

What We Offer
At Ohio Express we offer, awards, and commendations as you progress through your airline career. We offer assistance in training with online flying with real world Certified flight instructors, Ohio Express offers a program that is in place to make sure pilots are going to be active within the airline called the “Buckeye Program” this program consist of 10 flight hrs.  in the probationary period while flying the Beechcraft 1900D. Once a pilot successfully completes the program they will receive Continue reading


Emirates Virtual Opens!

We are now declared open here at We are a friendly dedicated virtual airline with amazing staff who are dedicated to giving you the best virtual flying experience possible. We have great training staff available 24/7 to enhance your flying experience. We have a wide variety of schedules (400+) and a wide variety of aircraft in our fleet featuring the Airbus A380, A340, A330 Boeing 747 and the 777. We have an automated PIREP system for our pilots to use. We have a brilliant, freshly designed pilot centre available to our pilots. We would like to invite you all to come and fly emirates with us here at Also there are a variety of staff positions available so frequent flyers with virtual airline experience please feel free to check out the site with the details on. Thanks!


United Virtual Airlines Announces ACARS Upgrades – Seeks to Fill Staff Positions

We are very happy to announce that after a 6 month trial and beta period operating Acars, we have now upgraded to version 1.0.0 custom Acars for United Airlines Virtual.  The new version features a unique custom logo, acars status, control panel, flight information board, pilot chat, current flight data recorder and a flight log. Every month we will be adding additional features such as awesome tools to help pilots pick their flights more efficiently.

Currently we are still seeking new staff for all positions from Director of Flight Operations to Hub Managers and Dispatcher.  We are looking for individuals with great experience, enthusiasm and potential.  If you are interested and are looking for a new challenge please send us your resume to or for further information.

You can visit United Virtual Airlines online at:


FedEx Virtual Airlines Opening – Employment Opportunities Available

FedEx Virtual Airlines announced that they will be beginning operations: effective immediately. Along with this opening comes a variety of employment opportunities. Please read below to find out more information.

Mission Statement:
FedEx Virtual Airlines provides a professional and fun environment that aims at constantly attracting and retaining a diverse group of individuals within the flight simulation community. We do this by continuously making strides to offer the best possible experience to our members.

Employment Opportunities:
At this time FedEx Virtual Airlines is searching for dedicated individuals to fill crew member vacancies. FedEx Virtual Airlines consists of a diverse group of flight simulator enthusiasts. Boasting an expansive fleet and destinations across the globe, there is something for everyone. Please visit for more information.

Along with the current crew member vacancies FedEx Virtual Airlines is looking for dedicated individuals to join the FedEx VA corporate offices. Various corporate staff positions are available and applications are currently being accepted. To learn more about the current staff vacancies visit


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