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As a flight simmer, you’ve probably tried your hand at flying all sorts of aircraft. Flying a cargo jet in to a smooth landing at minimums is something you might be able to do easily.

Try your hand at this scenario: landing a heavy C-5 in the harsh weather of the Poles as you touch down on an all-ice runway in McMurdo Station. One wrong move and your bird will skid off the mark and possibly damage supplies that are desperately needed by the area’s scientists. In this simulated scenario with real consequences to the mission, failure is not an option. Things like this happen every day during vUSAF’s Operation Deep Freeze within the Air Mobility Command.

Or perhaps you prefer speed and have logged many hours on Concorde, breaking the sound barrier to cross the pond in record time. As a virtual airman in vUSAF’s Air Combat Command, you’ll spend a lot of your time in excess of Mach 1. The ability to move with speed and precision is paramount when approaching your target with your hand hovering over the button to drop your payload of bombs. But, during events such as the recent Operation Key Resolve, the enemy is up in the air with you – an enemy that will do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t succeed in your mission. Where most others would panic, the vUSAF airmen uses their well-trained instinct and tactics to eliminate the threat and keep our airspace safe.

With the recent development of the ACMI gauge, a completely free utility available to all vUSAF airmen, the line between reality and fantasy blurs even further. All missile-equipped fighters come with two wing- loads full of armament, making the fight extend BVR (beyond visual range). If your missile misses, you’ll always have your guns…at least until you run out of ammo and the ACMI gauge gives you that heart- stalling click of an empty magazine. Popping flares and chaff as you race to land at the nearest Air Force base, decked out with completely free payware-quality scenery, you somehow manage to evade the enemy and land amongst framerate-friendly models of your brothers and sisters in arms. The parked aircraft in the Continue reading


Era America Announces Incentive Plan for New Pilots

Era America Airlines has been at a halt in pilot growth recently and has decided to offer an incentive for pilots to join the company.  This new incentive should help the growth of the company, and with company growth new routes will emerge.  The new incentive is as follows: ‘For every pilot that joins Era America during the month of February, they will be given 8 free hours upon completion of their first flight with the company.  This would only require the pilot to fly about two CityLink (Era America’s express company) flights before being promoted into the Era America Main Fleet with the Boeing 737-800 to the Boeing 747-400 or Boeing 777-200.

Era America also announced that upon the company reaching 10 pilots they will be introducing a new extension of the company which includes three aircraft, a new hub, and over 10 new cities.  Also upon passing 10 pilots, Era America will be introducing two new Main Line aircraft, as well as over 20 new routes.

So what are you waiting for?  Join Era America today!

Check them out online at :

SparkJet Virtual Airlines Set to Open Doors Feb. 1st

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, — SparkJet Virtual CEO Zeke Elias has announced that SparkJet will be opening it’s doors and accepting applications starting on February 1st, 2013. “We’ve been hard at work for the past year to make this possible, all the aircraft are ready, the manuals are all approved by the FAA and we have received permission from the DOT for our current and future expansion routes. We are bringing a new Spark into the virtual skies and we are sure our customers and employees will love it!” said Mr. Elias when interviewed about the upcoming opening.

SparkJet Virtual will accept applications for both Crew Members and Staff Positions starting February 1st and encourages everyone who is interested to take a look at their Careers page. SparkJet Virtual aims to become a leading Virtual Airline through their sophisticated ACARS system, realistic Dispatch Operations Center, simulated financials and the experience of the management team which consists of real-life pilots with inside knowledge of the airline industry.

“This is a great new era for Virtual Airlines, We hope we Spark your imagination!” said Mr. Elias after encouraging any questions or comments to his personal email “We have an open-door policy and would love everyone and anyone to tell us what they think”

Media Contact:

About SparkJet:
SparkJet Virtual Airline (ICAO: SPK, IATA: SK, Call-Sign: Spark) operates as an FAA part 121 scheduled air carrier serving leisure and Continue reading


Kodiak Virtual Airlines Hiring Pilots and Staff in Preperation for Feb. 1 Launch

We are happy to announce that Kodiak Virtual Airlines will be commencing service as of February 1 st, 2013. Kodiak Virtual was founded both as a business project and to give virtual pilots the most realistic airline experience possible.

With hubs in Toronto and Frankfurt, we offer service to virtually every corner of the globe, with more routes to be added this summer. Operating a diverse fleet of aircraft ranging from the Fairchild Metroliner all the way up to the A380 and Boeing 787, we are confident that our pilots will enjoy their time with us, and we hope to see you in the skies!

We are now accepting applications for pilots of all experience levels, as well as administrative personnel.

The following positions are available:

- Vice president
- Human resources manager
- Toronto hub manager
- Frankfurt hub manager
- Personnel representative(S)

Pilots: Apply VIA the “APPLY NOW” page on our website
Other applicants apply VIA Email:


Qatar Virtual Airways Opens for Business

Qatar Virtual Airways is Officially Proud to say that we have finally opened our doors! please press now recruiting on the right of the page and fill out the application and wait for a response with the activation link!

Whether you are new or experienced, we are a group of flight simulation enthusiasts who fly Qatar Airways routes using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Qatar Virtual Airways operates scheduled flights out of Doha International Airport. Our ultimate goal is to provide pilots with an organized, fun, and professional atmosphere within a small community.

Please be advised that the website is not 100% completed and still under maintenance; we should be completed very soon. But you can start flying!

Join Now!


Qatar Virtual Airways — Now Hiring!

Management is important in any virtual airline, as it brings understanding and structure to staff and pilots. Qatar Virtual Airways will be recruiting before launch date. At this time, we are recruiting for the following positions:

VP of Human Resource

- Accepts and processes Pilot Applications
- Sends out welcome letter with Pilot ID and website login information
- Accepts and forwards Staff Applications to CEO or COO
- Processes Leaves of Absence
- Tracks and processes Pilots on Continue reading

Missouri Xpress Jet Charters Begins Recruitment Drive

Jefferson City, Missouri -  Missouri Xpress Jet is opening its doors to potential pilots and is now accepting pilot applications.

Missouri Xpress Jet is a new charter service that serves business travelers throughout the world. The mission of Missouri Xpress Jet is to advance virtual corporate aviation through enhancing the experience of the pilot. With our belief in the spirit and freedom of flight, we strive to provide a realistic community open to pilots and enthusiasts of all backgrounds and experience levels. Missouri Xpress Jet is committed to offering our pilots a professional experience enabling them to fly anywhere in the world. Using an ACARS system that is second to none we offer a virtual charter experience unlike any other. Missouri Xpress Jet is based out of Jefferson City, Missouri with a second crew-base in Mesa, Arizona. Flying the Embraer Phenom 100, Citation XLS+, Citation X. Embraer Legacy 600, BBJ2 and BBJ3.

Registration at:


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